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Watch One Starbucks Customer Sing Her Order, Go Viral, and Divide the Internet

Would you ever place an order like this?

The Starbucks drive-thru is already a wild place this time of year, but one musically-inclined TikTok user just proved you never know what people are going to do when they pull up to the window.

Instead of just speaking her order—a Guava White Tea Lemonade with light ice, a tall pumpkin spice iced coffee, and a cup of ice on the side—one woman sang it and captured the whole thing all on video. At the end of the 30-second stunt, the barista says something that sounds like, "That was cool. I didn't expect that."

Well, the internet didn't expect it either, and is collectively split on whether or not the Starbucks song is actually "cool." Despite racking up 12.5 million views on Twitter and 6.4 million likes on TikTok, the musical order from @sheiskings spurred an intense virtual debate.

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In one camp, people think the song—which is objectively catchy and will get stuck in your head—is a touch overdone. As one Twitter user quipped: "I'd make her repeat the whole order like a normal person."

Another joked that he would have responded somewhat differently: "Maam this is a Wendy's."

The video creator brands herself as "Cringe Queen," which is, as one person pointed out, strangely comforting.

Another former Starbucks worker begged drive-thru singers to please just "take your latte and go."

And, in our favorite spin on the whole scenario, people are shipping the singer and barista. One person even came up with a full fictionalized story:

Others have a different view:

Internet criticism aside, we like the idea of attempting to make a Starbucks barista's day a little brighter, especially in this latte-heavy time of the year. But it might be best to simply stick to something less controversial: an extra-generous tip. And for more insight into the massive coffee chain, check out these 30 Starbucks Facts More Stimulating Than a Caffeine Rush.

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