The 4 Flat-Belly Supplements You’re Not Taking

We live in a world designed to help us undo our own mistakes.


The 4 Flat-Belly Supplements You’re Not Taking

We live in a world designed to help us undo our own mistakes.

That’s why we have spell-check, password retrieval systems, and “Are you sure you want to delete?” prompts. The reinforcements, though they sometimes complicate our lives (wrong again, smartphone autocorrect!), help protect us when we’re vulnerable.

In your diet, then, it also makes sense to have backups—a support system—that can help in your quest toward achieving your healthy body goals. So here are some of the supplemental allies that will enhance the effects of your smart-eating plan. Why not wash 'em down with a cup of tea? Make the most of the benefits from tea with The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse! Test panelists lost up to 10 pounds in one week!



This muscle relaxer helps you keep calm and promotes peaceful sleep. According to the National Institutes of Health, magnesium is needed for more than 300 chemical reactions in the body, including keeping the heart rhythm steady, regulating blood sugar levels and helping lower blood pressure. Besides those health benefits, magnesium can also aid in weight loss and body shaping. A 2013 study in the Journal of Nutrition found that higher magnesium intake was associated with lower levels of fasting glucose and insulin (markers related to fat and weight gain), and one study from England found that a magnesium supplement may have some beneficial effects on reducing fluid retention during the menstrual cycle, suggesting that it might help alleviate undesirable tummy bloat.

Where to Get It: The recommend amount of magnesium for women under 30 is 310 milligrams, and 320 for women over 30. You’ll find magnesium in many foods, including leafy green vegetables, beans, and nuts. Supplements in pill or powder form are also widely available at health food stores. Drinking warm water with a tablespoon of magnesium powder every night before bed is also an option that may help you sleep soundly and stay regular, reducing bloat and discomfort.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D has many benefits, yet most of us are deficient in it. (In fact, if you live north of Atlanta or Phoenix, studies
show you’re almost certain to be D-deficient most of the year.) Studies suggest that vitamin D aids in increasing muscle strength and can boost your workout, while having low levels of it is linked to such things as heart disease and cancer. Some research shows that people with low levels of vitamin D catch more colds or the flu than those with the highest amounts. That’s a benefit itself, but think about the trickle effect, too: The more you get sick, the less you feel like exercising and the more susceptible you are to reaching for so-called feel-good foods.

But in terms of weight loss specifically, vitamin D may also play a promising role. Vitamin D helps regulate hunger and appetite. A 2012 Iranian study in Nutrition Journal found that supplementation with vitamin D was associated with a 7 percent decrease in fat, and a small study from the University of Minnesota found a relationship between higher levels of D and fat loss, especially in the belly area. Of course, that doesn’t mean that taking vitamin D is a one-pill-cures-all. But to supplement your good exercise and eating habits, make sure you get the recommended amount every day through diet, sunlight (get at least 15 minutes outdoors, especially during winter months), and supplementation if necessary.

Where to Get It: You can get vitamin D in a variety of foods, such as fish, eggs, and fortified dairy products; the daily recommended intake is 600 IU. Research from the Cleveland Clinic shows you’ll get better absorption of a vitamin D supplement if you take it with your largest meal.

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Bilberry and Probiotics

There are a million different supplements out there. Some folks believe they’re magic bullets; others think the local vitamin store is nothing but a sham. But there are two more that stand out as having true potential. Bilberry (related to the blueberry), for example, may provide beneficial effects due to its antioxidant properties. One 2011 study from the journal Diabeteologia found that a diet high in bilberry (as well as fatty fish and whole grains) improved function of the circulatory system (including improved blood pressure and other circulatory issues that are associated with being overweight). Mounting research is drawing a connection between gut-health aids like probiotics—the healthy bacteria that live in our intestines or gut—and weight control.

Where to Get It: The ingestion of probiotics, either from foods like yogurt or supplements, has been shown to be effective at everything from boosting the immune system and reducing gastrointestinal problems to treating cancer. Research from the Washington University School of Medicine has linked obesity to a lack of gut flora diversity. Look for probiotic supplements with at least 5 billion active cells.

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Curious about the best foods to eat to obtain your bikini body goals? Here are a few of our favorite picks.



Potassium-rich foods are ideal for looking and feeling slim and trim in that swimsuit, so think ahead and pack one in your beach bag before heading out for a day of socializing. As founder of New York Nutrition Group Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN explains, a daily dose of potassium will keep bloat at bay. “Load up on potassium-rich foods such as sweet potato, carrots, oranges and bananas to fight bloat and relieve puffiness so you can feel a little lighter and swim-suit ready.” Conversely, typical BBQ foods like potato chips and pickles are packed with sodium and can force your body to retain water, which can make you swell.


Lactose-Free Almond Milk

almond milk
One of the biggest culprits of unnecessary bloat in our diets is dairy. Milk, Moskovitz tells us, will not help you feel your best. “Foods like milk are naturally harder to digest and break down during the digestive process than others. As a result, a lot of trapped air and gas can get stuck in your stomach causing discomfort and flatulence.” But rather than ban that refreshing iced coffee altogether, ask around for a coffee shop with almond milk.


Organic Chicken

When in doubt, err towards lean proteins like chicken or grass-fed burgers. “A high protein and vegetable combination will keep you from grazing on other, less healthful barbecue foods like nitrate-packed hot dogs,” says Carolyn Brown, MS, RD at New York-based Foodtrainers. A good piece of BBQ poultry will fill you up with far fewer calories than some other items you may encounter, and it won’t leave you with that overstuffed feeling we all know and hate.



Once you decide on your main course, you still have to navigate the toppings bar–and there’s an art to that. “In terms of toppings, go for salsas, sauerkrauts and pickles,” suggests Brown, adding, “Sauerkraut is fermented, which helps with digestion and will, therefore, help you debloat and feel sexy all afternoon long.” Other fermented foods, like kimchi and pickled corn relish, will have the same slimming effect.



You’ve heard it a hundred times, but we’ll say it again: Be sure you’re hydrating! Chugging enough agua will not only keep you hydrated while you’re baking under the hot summer sun, but also help debloat your system and keep things running smoothly. Even more important is to drink at least eight ounces of water in between each alcoholic beverage you consume, Moskovitz says. “Try to keep drinking down to a minimum to nix those sugar calories and avoid bloat. Chase each alcoholic beverage with an eight-ounce of glass of water to pace yourself and ensure you don't overdo it,” she suggests. For an even better kick, sip on detox water spiked with sliced lemons. An antioxidant in the lemon peel helps help flush toxins from the body and gives sluggish bowels a kick, keeping your tummy toned and tight.


Dandelion Tea

dandelion tea
While it’s important to keep yourself hydrated all day, especially in the summer, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. If water is just too boring for you to gulp on the regular, go for its slightly sweeter sister. “Dandelion tea happens to be a powerful, yet natural diuretic that can keep your tummy flat and your confidence high,” raves Moskovitz. Unsweetened iced tea is another good choice–just steer clear of bubbly beverages that’ll have you feeling swollen in seconds from the carbonation. If you're not a fan of this tea, don't worry. We found plenty more options that get rid of bloating.


Whole Grains

whole grain hamburger bun
It’s rare to find a whole-wheat hotdog bun at your neighbor’s cookout, but if you ever come across one, go for it. It’s important to limit your simple carbohydrates (read: white bread) and turn towards the more wholesome options whenever possible. “Think fiber when choosing your carbohydrates, as it helps regulate digestion while keep energy levels stable,” Moskovitz says. Fiber keeps your digestive system running smoothly and will also keep your hunger at bay for hours, giving you that willpower you need to avoid the DIY ice cream sundae bar on the other side of the yard. (But if you really need a sweet treat, make sure the base of your sundae comes from our list of healthy ice cream options for weight loss.)


Salmon Burger

salmon burger
If you happen to be manning the grill, get a little creative with your protein. "Don't always think that a burger means beef,” Moskovitz advises. “Fatty and omega-3-rich fish like Salmon helps fight inflammation while the high quality lean protein content fights excess fat accumulation.” Even better, this delicious fish will help your skin bounce back after a hot day under those UV rays. “A salmon burger will not only keep your hearty healthy and waistline trim, but your skin will be glowing from head to toe from all the healthy fats,” she continues. And if you're the one cooking, use some of our healthy burger recipes to eat well and slim down.


Kefir Yogurt

The key to keeping your belly happy throughout the summer is getting your fair share of good bacteria known as probiotics. Explains Moskovitz: "This yogurt is great topped with sweet antioxidant-rich berries and fiber-rich almonds. It's also a leading source of probiotics, which means it can help keep your tummy flat and trim, as well as work against upset stomachs." In addition, kefir — like sauerkraut — is fermented, which helps your body process all you’re taking in and keep you feeling regular.


Grilled Veggies

grilled vegetables
Chances are, the grill master will toss on some onions, peppers and other vegetables alongside those burgers and ‘dogs. Get in there and grab a few! Brown says, “The best side you can have is definitely grilled veggies or side salad. Both have tons of fiber and will keep you feeling full without being a calorie bomb.” And, according to a study published in Diabetologia, the higher your fiber intake, the lower your BMI and your chance of Type II diabetes. Need we say more?