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Ari Notis

Ari Notis

About author

Ari is an editor specializing in news and lifestyle. Previously, he worked at Galvanized Media, Hearst Magazines, and his writing has appeared in Esquire, Business Insider, Elle Decor, and other publications.

Articles by Ari Notis

applebees boneless buffalo wings
taco bell buffalo chicken nacho fries
starbucks reusable plastic cups are an effort in sustainability
coconut chocolate rxbars
buffalo wings
starbucks double caffeinated coffee
panda express firecracker shrimp
screenshot of paris hilton in her new cooking show cooking with paris
red wine bottles in a wine cellar
meghan markle
burger king restaurant exterior
kim kardashian
girl scouts lemon-up cookie
krispy kreme mini donuts
starbucks oatmilk honey latte
McDonald's All American Burger
entrance walkway to the golden globes
gene simmons
a man ordering a burrito or possibly a burrito bowl at a chipotle walk-through window
starbucks storefront
prince george prince louis prince william princess charlotte and kate middleton stand on a balcony
starbucks toffenut latte creamer
a hand pushing an angel cookie cutter into cookie dough to make baby yoda cookies
McDonald's apple pie
Chipotle mexican grill sign
banana peel set on a white background
guy fieri
starbucks storefront
peeled banana against a yellow background
free-floating pringles against a black background