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Here's What We Know About the New Lemon-Flavored Girl Scouts Cookie

Level-up your sweets game with the new Lemon-Ups.

Fact: Everyone loves Girl Scouts cookies. According to the World Economic Forum, Girl Scout cookies, despite only being on sale for just a matter of weeks, sell more than Oreos do in an entire calendar year. In 2016, members of the Girls Scouts famously stormed the Oscars stage and sold cookies to Hollywood's A-list. Say the words "thin" and "mint" and you'll spark an argument in which the two sides are "That's the best cookie ever" and "That's the best cookie of all time."

Well, this year, Girl Scouts cookies are leveling up their lineup with a new cookie: Lemon-Ups.

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It's the first new addition to the lineup in several years; 2017's Girl Scouts S'Mores was previously the most recent. And though their flavor profiles are similar (lemony, sugary, delicious), Lemon-Ups shouldn't be confused with the popular Lemonades. See, Lemonades are shortbread cookies that are coated in decadent lemon icing, while Lemon-Ups are lemon-flavored crispy cookies with a layer of sugar glaze on one side.

What's more, Lemon-Ups are bona fide edible inspirational posters. On the non-glazed side of each cookie, expect to see positive self-affirmations, such as "I am a leader" or "I am a go-getter," imprinted. And there's an environmental bonus, too. According to CNN, this year's bakery, Little Brownie Bakers, have committed to using so-called "clean" palm oil—a specific type of palm oil that's supposedly produced without habitat disruption.

These new treats will only be available wherever Girl Scouts cookies are sold for roughly six to eight weeks, depending on demand, so be sure to stock up when you spot them. And for a look at some of the offerings that won't be around this year, check out these 10 Girl Scout Cookies That No Longer Exist.

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