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7 Fun Things We Learned from "Cravings," Chrissy Teigen's New Recipe Site

Come for the model-author's decadent recipes. Stay for the hilarious jokes.

Do you have a craving for Cravings, the new recipe site from Chrissy Teigen? If so, you're not alone. In fact, the response to the former model and social media superstar's latest venture was so loud that the site actually crashed after formally launching yesterday afternoon. But Teigen took the hiccup in stride, noting to her 12 million Twitter followers that "part of me is very excited about the crashing."

So what exactly is Cravings? Well, it's billed as a recipe site, a digital spinoff of Teigen's two immensely popular cookbooks, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat and Cravings: Hungry for More. On the web version, you'll find a trove of shamelessly decadent recipes—brilliant concoctions like rosé shrimp with herby breadcrumbs, Thai Tom Yum pork ribs, roasted eggplant parm boats, and our personal favorite: garlic-roasted bacon.

But the site is so much more than that. As much as it's a recipe site, it's also partially a blog, partially a reddit-style AMA, and entirely a behind-the-scenes peek into Teigen's life. Now that Cravings is back up-and-running—and we've had time to plumb its depths—here are the fun and totally weird things we learned about the food guru.

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1. Chrissy Teigen is really, really bad at math.

Cravings readers can submit questions—of any topic, not limited to food whatsoever—directly to Teigen. And, yes, she'll actually answer them! Or, rather, she'll at least dignify them with a response.

When one reader asked her to answer a math problem, for instance, she shot it down and instead retorted with a quip: "Numbers make me ill… I can't even do it if you changed it to pies."

2. She loves playing video games (but hates the good ones).

Another reader asked Teigen for some tips on playing as Isabelle in Super Smash Bros., the bestselling Nintendo fighting game. "I appreciate you knowing my love for video games," she wrote. "But I cannot STAND Smash Bros. It's chaos." (For what it's worth, only true sociopaths use Isabelle.)

3. Yes, she'll go to your wedding—with one condition.

One audacious reader asked, "Will you come to my wedding?"

Believe it or not, Teigen said "yes." Well, with one condition.

"We tend to avoid weddings because there always 'just happens' to be a piano there after John confirms his attendance. While he loves to play for loved ones, it would be very nice to attend a wedding without having to do anything. Can you assure me we can literally just drink and dance? If so, we're in!"

4. She once insulted Robert De Niro to his face.

Diehard fans of Robert De Niro will know that he co-founded Nobu, the luxurious franchise of Japanese restaurants (and hotels). On Cravings, Teigen revealed that she once told De Niro that Nobu was a "little overrated." Bold move!

5. She revealed her dream job.

"Milk Bar, please let me know if you need taste testers," she wrote. "I will work for free."

6. She only uses one salt.

Heads up, home chefs: If you want to copy Chrissy Teigen's culinary wizardry down to the molecule, load up on Diamond Crystal Kosher salt. It's the only salt she uses.

"I get giant boxes on Amazon and keep them in small dishes around my stove and countertops."

7. She's clumsy.

Barely 40 seconds into her video recipe for strawberry shortcake, Teigen shatters a bowl. Hey, even the best chefs in the business can't be perfect!

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