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Sure Signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder, MD Says

The difference is subtle, but it can mean a major difference in your treatment options.

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The Worst Supplements to Take After 50

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The #1 Best Diet for a Flat Belly

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This State Wastes the Most Food, New Survey Finds

Residents of this one state throw away nearly $1,400 worth of food every year.

These Four Foods Are Being Recalled

Nearly 21,000 pounds of these popular products are being pulled from shelves.

The Worst Side Effect of Drinking Alcohol

It's more than just a hangover you have to worry about, experts say.

Living Here Cuts Your Monthly Sleep By 8 Hours

If you live here, don't be surprised if you spend your evenings tossing and turning.

Beer Is Even Worse For You Than We Thought

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Eating Habits to Lower Your Cholesterol

Implementing these habits now could help protect against heart disease and stroke over time.

One Person Has Died After Eating at This Chain

The death follows reports of at least 26 people being hospitalized after eating the chain's food.

Never Mix This Supplement With Alcohol

It's ok to take alone, but not advised to mix with booze.

How to Lose Weight Right Now, Dietitians Say

These expert-backed weight loss tips will have the pounds falling off in no time.

These U.S. Airports Have the Best Food, New Survey Finds

If you like to feast before boarding your flight, these transit hubs have great food and drink options.

20 People Were Hospitalized for Hepatitis After Eating Here

Officials say more cases are likely to emerge in the near future.

These Two Personality Traits May Increase Your Alzheimer’s Risk

If this sounds familiar, you could be more likely to experience cognitive decline.

Side Effects of Inflammation After 50

It's more than just discomfort that persistent inflammation could be causing.

Eating This Type of Food Could Slash Your Alzheimer's Risk

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Working Out in This Weather Can Burn More Fat

This one change to your workout routine could be the ticket to losing more weight.

Side Effects of Eating Spaghetti Squash

It's not just your taste buds that will benefit from adding this delicious winter staple to your menu.

Soda is Even Worse For You Than We Thought

You knew the sugary drink wasn't good for you, but just how bad it is for your health may shock you.

One Major Effect of Eating Brazil Nuts

If you want to get healthier, it's time to add these petite powerhouses to your routine.

Doing This When You Sleep Triples Your Stroke Risk

This common occurrence could be putting your health at risk, a new study finds.

One Drink to Sip On to Boost Your Immunity

If you want to make it out of cold and flu season unscathed, it's time to add this drink to your menu.

Jamie Oliver Lost 26 Pounds By Making This One Change

The star says he didn't have to deprive himself to make the staggering transformation.

Drinking Habits to Avoid Over 50, Experts Say

If you want to protect your health, it's time to give up these habits for good.

Sleeping This Much Could Increase Your Risk of Obesity

Getting the wrong amount of rest might be sabotaging your weight loss goals.

This Is the Worst City for Foodies in the U.S.

If you consider yourself something of a gourmet, you may want to set your sights elsewhere.