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Would You Spend $65 on One Pizza? Cici's Thinks Its New "Piezilla" Is Worth It

The pizza chain is hoping its new menu item will be the centerpiece at your next party.

Pizza is the quintessential party food, especially when adorned with your favorite toppings, and while no one can ever agree on what the best topping is, most agree that a pizza equals a party. Cici's Pizza, known for its all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, is capitalizing on the idea by launching one of its biggest pizzas ever, a behemoth called the Piezilla.

This Piezilla is a 28-inch pie that is designed as a crowd-pleasing centerpiece of a party or event and is cut into 64 pieces. At the suggested price of $65, it's meant as an alternative to buying several pizzas. The behemoth pizza is two times the diameter of a traditional 14-inch pie, and it cannot be delivered, it must be picked up at the restaurant. It includes one topping and each additional topping is $6.

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Will this one humongous pizza appeal to the masses? And most importantly—is it a good deal? Like the image above, there are a few shots of people enjoying the massive pizza on Facebook, including some eating challenges.

Customers immediately took to Reddit to do the math on the new item. One user comments that the pizza is a decent deal since it is about five times bigger than a 12-inch pizza. Another says that "you could buy nine of their 12-inch pizzas for $62, and have a few bucks left over for a drink." Another goes even further, "Did the math and for 9 12-inch pizzas, it'd be double the surface area of a single 28-inch pizza."

Others have commented on the fact that the pizza cannot be delivered. "How are you supposed to get that into a standard car if you even wanted to pick it up? What's the point of this?" asks another confused commenter. Many others comment that local pizza restaurants have similar massive pizzas that are much cheaper. Other speculate that this pizza could be the bait for internet and TikTok challenges.

Cici's has not had a good few years, transitioning through bankruptcy and being acquired by D&G Investors in 2021.

The chain started to see things moving in a positive direction in 2022 with the expansion of its popular game rooms. The new focus on entertainment has boosted Cici's revenue, with games going from contributing about 1% of the revenue, to 10% to 20%.

But perhaps the novelty of the Piezilla plus the games rooms will be another boost to the chain's bottom line as the brand is clearly looking to be a source of fun and not just food.

Meaghan Cameron
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