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10 Best Last-Minute Wellness Gifts for Mom

Total mind and body wellness starts with these gift ideas.
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Spring is officially in full bloom, and Mother's Day is right around the corner. We're here to make shopping for your day one BFF a total breeze with 10 of the best last-minute wellness gifts for mom she'll totally love. Before we get into our top picks, let's chat wellness.

Total mind and body wellness doesn't stop at bubble baths, face masks, and fitness subscriptions. "Wellness" should be a lifestyle from the start of the day to the finish; it means pulling out a vibrant set of dishes to plate an aesthetically pleasing meal, slipping into the coziest pair of PJs, reading a book that's good for the soul, enjoying a refreshing wellness tea before bed, and even putting together a photo album that brings back all the good, happy memories. Wellness is about showing the body and mind some TLC and love—whatever that may look like for mom. This gift guide encompasses the standard definition of wellness and then some.

Below, check out our favorite last-minute wellness gifts for mom she'll truly enjoy. After all, she deserves the absolute best. Happy shopping!

Methodology 5-Day Reset

Methodology reset lifestyle shot
$429 at Methodology
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Mom will surely appreciate a break from cooking with Methodology's reset. The brand's picture-perfect five-day reset offers fine dining-esque meals that will boost mom's overall wellness and support a healthy gut. The reset includes five full days of tasty lunches, snacks, and dinners. Each weekly menu is ready for mom to eat or easily reheat, and every meal comes in adorable reusable/recyclable bento bowls or glass jars. Choose from the vegan option or opt for meat and seafood.

With menu items like black cod and tomato camu camu moqueca stew, wildflower and wild rocket arugula salad with seared prawns, BBQ chicken breast with herb roasted marble potatoes, vegan protein truffles, and apple cider vinegar shrubs, mom's palate and tummy will surely be pleased. (Plus, all of Methodology's offerings are free of dairy, gluten, and refined sugar!)

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Yankee Candle x Vera Bradley 3-Wick Candle

Yankee Candle three-wick candles in collaboration with Vera Bradley
Yankee Candle
$27 at Yankee Candle
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Mom can fill her home with a truly pleasant aroma by lighting up one of Yankee Candle's limited-edition fragrances from the brand's chic collab with Vera Bradley. You'll find the Pink Sands candle in the collection, which is an "exotic island escape," highlighting notes of spicy vanilla, bright citrus, and sweet florals. You'll also see the Lavender & Sage candle, which offers an aroma blend of warm sage and lavender flowers. This exclusive, must-have collab also includes a scent plug base, a scent plug refill in Lavender & Sage, and a pretty tote bag that's included as a gift with every purchase from the collection.

A Cozy and Cute PJ Set

floral PJ set side-by-side image
$27 at Luvlette
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Describe a better part of the day than slipping into a cozy pair of satin PJs—we'll wait. Luvlette has a bunch of comfy yet incredibly cute PJ sets and loungewear mom will love. From floral prints with piping details that pop to neutral colors with lace trim, you can't go wrong with gifting mom a fresh set of PJs this Mother's Day. Her nighttime binge-watch sessions just got a major update!

Nighttime Wellness Tea

Blue Bear Functional Sleep Drink
Blue Bear
$48 at Blue Bear
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A solid nighttime routine doesn't stop at skincare products and cozy bedding. Enter, the Blue Bear Functional Sleep Drink that will totally calm mom's mind and ready it for a restful, relaxing snooze. The best part about this wellness tea is it doesn't require any effort on mom's part to enjoy it! It's sipped chilled and offers the botanical benefits of lavender, lemon balm, and passionflower. Plus, it tastes incredible, just like sweet peaches. You can grab a four-pack for $16 or a 12-pack for $48.

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A Luxe Bath Pillow

BADESOFA bath pillow split image
$200 at BADESOFA
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Drawing a bubble bath and soaking in the tub should be a relaxing, spa-like experience. But alas, many home bathtubs are straight-up uncomfortable. That's why mom needs one of BADESOFA'S luxurious bath pillows so she can thoroughly enjoy bathtime. BADESOFA is the very first underwater bath pillow that provides comfort and support to your head and back "for the sofa feeling in the bathtub and in the pool." The brand also offers sauna and bathroom accessories.

Enjoy 15% off all bath sofas by using the code 23LOVEYOUMOM15 at checkout.

Recently Photo Magazine App

Recently photo magazine
$25 at Recently
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Help mom document life recently with this fun mobile-to-magazine app. Mom will be able to showcase all of her favorite memories by turning them into an actual photo magazine right from her iPhone. The magazine itself is printed on luxe archival Mohawk paper so mom will be able to display her photos in style on the coffee table. It makes for the ultimate conversation piece!

All mom has to do is select pictures by year, month, album, selfies, or favorites. The app takes a look at the pics and chooses the best ones. Mom can pick her favorite cover photo, then hit publish! The app will take things from there, and before she knows it, mom will have a special photo magazine to enjoy.

Brilliant Blooms Dinnerware Set

Brilliant Blooms dinnerwear set
$54 at Walmart
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What's better than having a brand new, vibrant dinnerwear set for mom to display the meals she's most proud of? Having this sweet "Brilliant Blooms" set at the ready will put a smile on her face whenever she pulls them out to use for dinner parties, special occasions, or simply just because she's feeling the florals. The Pioneer Woman set comes with 12 pieces of stoneware for the best addition to mom's kitchen.

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Advanced Whitening Electric Toothbrush

SNOW electric toothbrush set
$195 at SNOW
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Mom can show her teeth some major pampering with the very first electric toothbrush that utilizes Snowlight™ triple LED lights. Take it from us—this is quite possibly the coolest toothbrush on the market due to the fact that it offers red light for gum care, blue light for teeth whitening, and purple light that does both… all while cleaning those pearly whites. Mom can set the brush at any of the four brushing modes (clean, gum care, whiten, or whiten and gum care) and easily pack it with her when she's traveling in the brand's self-sanitizing charging case. This set also comes with an extra toothbrush head, tongue scraper, and face brush.


Somavedic device on table
$750 at Somavedic
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If you're looking for truly unique last-minute wellness gifts for mom, Somavedic is it. This one-of-a-kind device exudes energy from precious and semi-precious stones to deliver frequency therapy and natural science to mom's home. It creates a "coherent, life-supporting field" that spans over 2,800 square feet. The Sky Somavedic, specifically, is a great addition to any house, apartment, or yoga studio as it claims to create a sense of calm, harmony, balance, increased concentration, and improved sleep. As noted on the brand's website, "With the elimination of many other negative influences in the body and mind which we are constantly exposed today Sky makes a suitable helper to stressful city environments."

The Forever Peeler

The Forever Peeler split image
Material Kitchen
$28 at Material Kitchen
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If mom loves to cook, The Forever Peeler is one of the best last-minute wellness gifts for mom that will come in clutch whenever she needs to peel veggies for dinner or apples for homemade pie. This model was specifically seen on Food Network and Gear Patrol. What makes it so great? Well, the sharp blade provides seamless and smooth peeling, and it has a sleek design with "indestructible materials." If mom's blade gets dull, she can simply grab the replacement blade!

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