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This Restaurant Chain Has the Best Ice Cream in America

Do you agree with fellow ice cream fans?

Whether you're thinking about a scoop or soft serve, on hot summer days there is nothing better than a refreshing serving of ice cream—and America loves its chilly dessert. In fact, the average American consumes about 20 pounds of ice cream each year, which comes out to roughly four gallons!

When cravings hit, most people know there is no easier way to get that ice cream fix than at a chain restaurant that serves superior scoops. But which of the dozens of drive-thrus and creamery chains is the best? Menu insight platform Technomic Ignite has surveyed consumers and found that one particular restaurant chain currently beats out all others in the frozen treat department.

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With a dazzling array of flavors and plenty of inspired creations, Baskin-Robbins takes home the prize for having the most craveable frozen dessert, with 66.4% of consumers calling it their favorite, according to Restaurant Business.

Of the 31 original flavors that the classic creamery serves, respondents said that the Coffee, Heath Bar Crunch, and Chocolate flavors were the most delicious. According to Baskin-Robbins, however, their top-selling flavors are Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pralines 'n Cream, and Chocolate Chip.

Known as the world's largest chain of ice cream specialty shops that has created over 1,000 flavors during its tenure as America's go-to ice cream destination, Baskin-Robbins is an obvious contender.

However, Ben & Jerry's, which has a much smaller footprint, came in as a close second. Compared to the nearly 3,000 Baskin-Robins locations in the U.S, Ben & Jerry's only has about 230 stores, but the brand still managed to win over 63.2% of the consumer vote.

Additionally, Americans found Carvel (59.3%), Cold Stone Creamery (50.8%), Culver's (41.6%), Dairy Queen (38.2%), Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers (36.6%), Friendly's (33.3%), Steak Shack (29.3%), and lastly Steak 'n Shake (25.6%) as chains serving the most notable ice cream options.

And if chocolate ice cream is a sort of baseline for ice cream quality, it's easy to see why Baskin-Robbins is so popular. "The chocolate ice cream is smooth and creamy. Other places have chocolate ice cream, but not like this," said one customer in the survey, summing it all up.

Amber Lake
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