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Burger King Just Discontinued This GOAT Sandwich and Fans Are Mourning the Loss

The Ch'King will soon be a relic of BK past, missed by many.

Did Burger King give up on the Ch'King too soon? Customers sure seem to think so.

ICYMI, all the variations of the chain's signature chicken sandwich are being retired this month and replaced by the newly launched Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches. And while the company is rather quiet about the transition, customers have been vocal about their thoughts on losing the Ch'King so soon after it was launched.

In a little over a year it spent on the menu, the spicy Ch'King managed to garner a GOAT chicken sandwich reputation–which is no small feat considering the dozens upon dozens of chicken sandwiches that have launched since Popeyes made its big splash in the category in 2019.

Burger King was definitely late to this party, but it did one thing right: it created one of the best spicy chicken sandwiches out there. From regular Americans that simply enjoy a heat-packed fried chicken moment to fast-food connoisseurs pitting chicken sandwiches against each other, praises were heaped upon Burger King's hand-breaded creation that had been in the works for several years.

But according to Dan Accordino, CEO of Burger King's major franchisee Carrols Restaurant Group, the sales of the Ch'King didn't take off the way the company had been expecting.

"They spent a fortune on the chicken sandwich and it just didn't do what it was supposed to do," he said earlier this year. "The Ch'King didn't generate the excitement that was hoped for."

Not to mention, the sandwich was allegedly complicated to make.

So BK made quite a controversial decision to cut its losses only a year in and dispense with the losing Ch'King line to make room for a new, simpler one. But fans aren't on board with the rather hasty move just yet.

So what are some of the gripes that fans have with the new Royal sandwiches? For one, they seem to be much less substantial in the chicken department than the old Ch'King, and for another, some have called it "soggy."

Sorry, BK, but you may have made the wrong move!

Mura Dominko
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