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Mura Dominko

Mura Dominko

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E-mail: [email protected]

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Mura is ETNT's Executive Editor, leading the coverage of America's favorite restaurant chains, grocery stores, and viral food moments.

Our team is committed to research, expertise, data, and authority, and we reflect that in our content by enforcing strict editorial guidelines to make sure what you're reading on our site is accurate, timely, and medically sound. We conduct our own original reporting and exclusively source internationally recognized news outlets, academic journals, research institutions, and peer-reviewed studies in our stories. Learn more about our process here.

Articles by Mura Dominko

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henry's hamburgers sign
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mcdonald's sign billions and billions served
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mcdonald's sign billions and billions served
person holding burger king burger
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Wendy's burger
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burger king
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mcdonald's sign
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