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Channing Tatum Says He's a "Completely New Person" After Pandemic Weight Loss

The star opened up about gaining weight during the pandemic—and how he lost it.

If you've gained a few pounds over the course of the pandemic, you're far from alone. In fact, even some famously fit celebrities have found their clothes fitting a bit tighter amid COVID—including Channing Tatum. In a May 5 interview on The Tonight Show, Tatum told host Jimmy Fallon that he'd put on significant weight during the pandemic. Read on to find out what caused Tatum's weight gain—and how he's since shed those pounds and more. And for more insight into how stars get toned, Halle Berry Says This Is Her "Favorite Way to Stay Fit" in New Workout Pic.

Tatum says he put on 10 pounds during the pandemic.

channing tatum in striped outfit on red carpet
Tristar Media / Getty Images

With production on movies and TV shows shut down during the early months of the pandemic, Tatum said he allowed his typically regimented diet and weight loss plan to fall by the wayside, gaining "a nice 10 pounds" along the way.

"For the first week or two weeks, I definitely was just drinking beers and riding dirt bikes, but I was like, 'I can't do this for two months. This is bad,'" he told Fallon.

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He got back into regular exercise to lose the weight.

channing tatum on red carpet in black suit
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After realizing how much weight he'd gained, Tatum decided to recommit to his fitness routine with a friend.

"We started training every day and it was great. I came out a completely new person," said the actor.

He eats regularly throughout the day.

channing tatum in striped suit
Karwai Tang / WireImage

When Tatum was getting cut for Magic Mike XXL, he had just 10 weeks to transform his body. To get him into great shape in a hurry, his trainer, Arin Babaian told Alpha Male magazine (via the Daily Mail), that Tatum ate all day long.

"I wanted Channing to be eating every two hours to give his body all the essential nutrients it needed to fuel training, burn fat, and build muscle," said Babaian.

Babaian says the actor typically ate protein-rich meals consisting of eggs, chicken, turkey, or steak with vegetables, in addition to a vegetable-based smoothie with "very little fruit." And for more on how your favorite stars stay fit, Ariana Grande Calls This Workout Her "Happy Place" in New Pic.

He mixes up his exercise routine.

channing tatum in camo sweatshirt
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To gain muscle while shedding 25 pounds for the Magic Mike sequel, Babaian says that he and Tatum would work out practically all day long, beginning with 25-mile morning bike rides, followed by 100 laps in the pool, and sets of 25 crunches, push-ups, or burpees.

Later in the day, the pair would typically tackle a weight-based routine. "This consisted of weight training focused on one body part, such as chest, back, or legs, followed by a conditioning circuit," said Babaian. "The key thing was to ensure that no two workouts were exactly the same." And for more celebrity fitness routines, Vanessa Hudgens Just Shared Her Intense Butt Workout.

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