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Halle Berry Told She Would "Die Slowly" Without Making These Dietary Changes

The star says that receiving the news "inspired my whole fitness journey."

Halle Berry has always been known to have an enviably fit figure, but getting that way through diet and exercise has been an uphill battle for the star over the years. As a type 1 diabetic, Berry has had to be conscious about the way she eats and exercises to help manage her condition. In fact, the star says that a doctor once told her that she would "die slowly" if she maintained her eating habits, prompting the Oscar winner to make drastic changes to improve her health. Read on to discover exactly how Berry eats and what exercises she does to stay fit. And for more on how your favorite celebs stay healthy, Lucy Liu Says This Exact Diet Gives Her More Energy and Less Bloat.

She changed her attitude toward food after being told she would "die slowly."

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In a new interview with W magazine, Berry says that, at age 19, she was on 36 units of insulin a day to manage her diabetes, an amount her doctor found excessive for someone her age.

"He said, 'You have to tell your body, you have to jumpstart your pancreas, you have to wake your body up. If not, you're going to die slowly,'" says Berry, calling the conversation "a wake-up call."

She practices mindful eating.

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In light of that conversation, Berry says she overhauled her diet and fitness habits.

"That piece of information inspired my whole fitness journey to live in a more healthy way, to exercise, to be mindful about every piece of food that went into my mouth," she says. "It changed my life." In a 2019 interview with Hollywood Life, Berry's trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, confirmed that the star now follows a ketogenic diet to stay healthy.

She exercises daily.

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After being diagnosed with diabetes, Berry's doctor told her she had to eat right and exercise daily if she wanted to enjoy a long life.

"I want to stay here as long as I can. I've got two little children and I want to be around, hopefully to see my grandchildren someday. I can't think of a better motivator," she says. Among her go-to exercises are various forms of martial arts. "Jiu jitsu and judo have become my fast favorites," says the star. And for more healthy celebs, Heather Graham Celebrates Her Bikini Body In New Video.

She relaxes with wine every day.

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While Berry may have cleaned up her diet significantly since her diabetes diagnosis, there's one thing she won't cut out: wine!

"I unplug with a great glass of red wine. That's been my thing for almost 20 years," says the star. "It's a great way for me to relax and unwind, and I love to share that with my friends." And for more celebrity transformations, Janet Jackson Reveals Her Amazing Workout Progress in New Photo.

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