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Country Star Jana Kramer Reveals the Exact Exercise Routine That Keeps Her Fit

The star recently opened up about how she's staying both mentally and physically healthy this year.

Actress and country singer Jana Kramer has been making the most of a difficult year, ensuring that both her wellbeing remains a priority amid both the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic and her recent divorce filing from husband Mike Caussin.

In a new post to her Instagram Stories, Kramer opened up about the routine that's helped keep her healthy not only mentally, but physically, during this challenging period in her life.

To set the right tone for the day, Kramer kicks things off with a workout. "I love a good run in the morning," said Kramer.

Kramer disclosed that running isn't the only part of her morning routine that has a profound effect on her overall wellbeing, though.

"I have to say one of my favorite habits I broke in the morning was I would usually go straight to Instagram. But when everything happened, the last thing I wanted to look [at] was my phone. So it really helped me get into a good habit of just not picking up my phone," she explained.

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Kramer has been open in the past about just how much working out has influenced not only her health and appearance, but her mood.

"Working out for me is my sanity…Even just going for a walk, that is a place where I come back and I'm like, 'I feel good, I feel balanced,'" Kramer told Us Weekly in 2019. "Working out is 100% how I stay level."

jana kramer and trainer erin oprea on red carpet
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In addition to walking and running, Kramer has professed her love for hiking, swimming, and group workouts like Zumba in the past, as well as personal training sessions with celebrity trainer Erin Oprea, with whom she continued her workouts during her pregnancies.

"She had a lot of discipline during her pregnancy. She really stayed on track," Oprea told Us Weekly following the birth of Kramer's son in 2019. "We worked out consistently and not every workout was hard and things weren't always intense, but we worked out consistently 'til the day before the baby was born and so her bounce-back was quick."

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