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This New Line of Coffee Creamers Has the Craziest Flavors

Now you can "have your cake and drink it, too," all while staying vegan, keto, and WW-approved.

If you think shifting your diet to plant-based makes life boring, think again. One California coffee creamer brand has unveiled a flavor lineup that might make your morning feel like a party.

Nutpods is a brand of plant-based creamers that was started in 2013 when the founder was eating at a Lake Tahoe diner and was frustrated that she couldn't find a truly delicious non-dairy creamer. The past six years of development suggest there's nothing "regular" about their regular flavor variety, as we're talking tastes like caramel, cinnamon swirl, and oat French vanilla. Now, Nutpods has debuted a limited-time summer "Confection Collection," featuring three wild flavors: coconut macaroon, toasted marshmallow, and—wait for it—cotton candy.

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The brand says now you can "have your cake and eat it, too," while all three Nutpod Confection Collection flavors are said to be naturally flavored (though as some Whole Foods customers recently pointed out, naturally flavored is sometimes a loaded term).

As for wellness vibes, Nutpods delivers all the things: they're gluten-free, certified vegan, kosher, non-GMO Project Verified, and free of soy or the thickener carrageenan. (They do, however, contain tree nuts.) At 10 calories, one fat gram, and zero carbs, Nutpods are zero points on WW.

One interesting tidbit is that while Nutpods are mostly Whole30-approved, the cotton candy flavor is not. Whole30 founder Melissa Urban reportedly weighed in on this, as she's quoted saying on Nutpods' FAQs page: "Cotton Candy has the same compatible ingredients as all the Nutpods unsweetened products. However, while the ingredients are Whole30 compatible, the flavor 'Cotton Candy' does not fit the spirit or intention of the Whole30 program." She goes on to say that she's a fan of many other Nutpods flavors, as they do fit the Whole30 profile.

It appears part of Nutpods' branding is their versatility, as they offer a variety of recipes on their website. To craft a summer "cotton candy cooler," they suggest adding a couple tablespoons of the new cotton candy flavor creamer to some iced hibiscus tea, then drizzling in some honey or agave nectar.

Nutpods are available on Amazon and Canada's Natura Market for the adventurous who are up for giving these flavors a try.

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