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Rebel Wilson Shows off Astonishing 75-Pound Weight Loss on Beach in Fiji

What better way to celebrate than on an island?

Rebel Wilson has been all over recently showing off her impressive weight loss—as she should! Now, the actress has made it all the way to Fiji where she's been posting lots of Instagram pictures and even a video advertisement, as the island's new ambassador.

In one of the images, Rebel is in a stylish purple short-sleeve bathing suit with a pink wrap. In the other, she's in a gorgeous shimmery dress. They both have plunging necklines, and the dress and skirt have similar slits down the front. So far Wilson has posted seven photos and videos taken on the beach in Fiji, and it's likely there are more to come.

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In the ad, Wilson is traveling by boat in search of happiness, which she finds in none other than the island of Fiji, of course.

"A few weeks ago, I went on an epic journey to discover happiness. What can I say – I found it! Well, more like, it found me!!! Happiness. Coming soon. #fiji #fijiambassador" she captioned the video.

The campaign is called "Open to Happiness" and according to Brent Hill, the CEO of Tourism Fiji as reported by 7News, it's meant to show "exactly what Fiji does like nowhere else in the world—welcome our guests with a genuine warmth and Bula spirit that will leave you in love with Fiji and its people". Not to mention, being a Fiji Tourism ambassador it's a great way for Wilson to proudly flaunt her new body in a bathing suit.

Rebel Wilson Reveals the Real Reason Behind Her 75-Pound Weight Loss

Starting in July 2020, Wilson began sharing her consistent workout routines on social media—and the impact it's had on her gradual weight loss. This past August, the actress and comedian made the announcement that she'd lost over 75 pounds since her journey began. According to Wilson, losing weight hasn't been about looking a certain way, but instead has been huge for developing self-love and owning who she is.

Wilson explained over the summer that she made four simple changes that contributed to transforming her body. "Adequate sleep, walking, hydrating, [and] drinking water," Wilson shared in an Instagram Live Q&A (via Hello!).

For more details on how the actress lost the weight, check out Rebel Wilson Reveals Exactly How She Shed 60 Pounds.

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