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Rebel Wilson Reveals Exactly How She Shed 60 Pounds

The actor shares her exact plan for losing weight and keeping it off.

Rebel Wilson has lost a staggering 60 pounds over the past year, and she's not shy about sharing just how she did it.

In a new interview, the actor, who stars in the upcoming movie The Almond and the Seahorse, reveals the exact changes she made to drop the weight—and her plan is surprisingly simple to follow.

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She started moving a little bit more every day.

rebel wilson pumping gas in blue tracksuit
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It isn't just intense workouts that have gotten Wilson to her weight loss goal—the star says that incremental changes in the amount of exercise she gets on a daily basis have been instrumental to her weight loss.

"Obviously, I have access to some amazing high-tech treatments, but what I learned is it's really the little things that I do every day that make a difference," she tells InStyle.

"Anyone can go on walks and drink more water and do little, consistent things that'll improve their lives."

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She stopped using food as a reward.

rebel wilson shiny dress
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images for La Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco

Wilson has found a calorie-free way to treat herself: with designer clothing and accessories.

"I just bought a Yves Saint Laurent handbag after finishing The Almond and the Seahorse because I'm trying to be healthier and treat myself with things that are not food anymore," she says.

She started working out in the morning.

rebel wilson in red and black dress
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Instead of waiting until the evening to squeeze in a workout, Wilson is now starting her day with exercise.

While shooting The Almond and the Seahorse, Wilson says, "Every morning I was up in the gym at the hotel working out for 90 minutes before a full day of filming. But that's just my life now."

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She wishes she'd started her weight loss journey earlier.

rebel wilson in pink dress smiling
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Though Wilson may be proud of her weight loss, she says she wishes she'd tried to get healthier before.

"Now that I know I can do it, sometimes I feel sad that I didn't do it earlier. Maybe I should have tried when I was 30, not 40. But everybody's journey is different, and it's not a race or competition."

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