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Viral TikTok Reveals Walmart's New Look—And It's A Shopper's Dream

Look out, Target.

Gone are the days of endless Walmart aisles that all look the same. 

As announced late last month, America's largest retailer is seriously upping its interactive shopping game—and a sneak peek of an upgraded store in Springdale, Arkansas shows that the supermarket chain is soon to make major changes to the way shoppers experience the store.

A viral TikTok posted by user sydneyratcliff_8 shows a fancy store format complete with styled furniture displays, high-tech refrigeration systems, and a polished clothing section complete with mannequins and electronic signs. The store also features an upgraded pet section with a huge selection of different products for your furry friends. 

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Walmart has long been known for its everyday savings, but its no-frills store format is something that the chain is looking to upgrade in the near future. It's test-run at the Arkansas store, which is where Walmart is headquartered, garnered a ton of interest online with over 18 million views on TikTok.

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"Girl, that's a Walmart with a Target attitude," one commenter joked. "I never knew Walmart could be so nice," another added.

Walmart said that this location will serve as a model for its forward-facing goals for store redesign in 2022. 

Courtesy of Walmart

"Early results show that customers are wowed by the redesign," Alvis Washington, vice president of store design, said in a press release. "I love hearing customers say this is their favorite Walmart store, and it makes me proud to be a part of the team leading this work. We'll continue to test, learn, and make changes based on what our customers tell us. As we do that, we'll quickly adjust and deliver an even better, more engaging experience in 2022 and beyond. After all, when customers choose to shop in-store with us, we want them to feel wowed and inspired—and that their time was well spent."

While it's not clear when specific stores will go under construction to match this new model, some stores are already starting to see changes. 

"Our store in Queen Creek, Arizona is very similar to this one, it just got remodeled!" another commenter said on TikTok. 

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