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9 Restaurant Chains That Serve the Best Lobster Bisque

What was once the soup of fishermen has been perfected at these popular chains.
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Many restaurants serve great soups, from broccoli cheddar to chicken to French onion, but have you ever dug into a bowl of perfectly prepared lobster bisque? There's nothing like it. Often whipped up using hearty, top-notch ingredients like juicy lobster, cream, and sherry or dry white wine and garnished with herbs like dried parsley and pepper, this dish marries taste and texture seamlessly.

Although lobster bisque pops up on many seafood and steakhouse restaurant menus today, it's nothing new. In fact, according to Tasting Table, this soup has roots dating back to 17th-century France when it was a popular dish for fishermen. As the story goes, these fishermen would make this soup using the shellfish they caught—shrimp, lobster, and crab—and thicken the stock using crushed shells.

Making lobster bisque isn't hard, but can be time-consuming—ordering one at a restaurant is easier than cooking it at home. From an upscale restaurant chain that puts its own spin on the delicious soup to a Japanese Hawaiian fusion spot that incorporates tasty ingredients like Thai aromatics and coconut milk, here are nine restaurants with the best lobster bisque. Don't be surprised if you're inspired to order a bowl of this tasty dish.

The Capital Grille

capital grille lobster bisque
The Capital Grille / Facebook
Per 1 serving (cup): 320 calories, 26 g fat, (13 g saturated fat), 870 mg sodium, 10 g total carbs (0 g fiber, 2 g sugar), 13 g protein

The Capital Grille has the best of both worlds—top-notch steaks and fresh seafood prepared to perfection. If you're near one of the upscale restaurant's locations, give the lobster bisque a try. Available in two sizes—a cup or bowl—Capital Grille's version is made in a traditional style and is garnished with fresh Maine lobster.

One X user enjoyed the Capital Grille's lobster bisque enough to write, "Had the best lobster bisque of my life at Capital Grille last night." Now that's saying something.

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Eddie V's Prime Seafood

Lobster bisque at Eddie V's
Eddie V's/Facebook
Per 1 serving (cup): 320 calories, 25 g fat, (16 g saturated fat), 810 mg sodium, 13 g total carbs (0 g fiber, 2 g sugar), 7 g protein

If you want a lobster bisque with some edge to it, indulge in a bowl at Eddie V's Prime Seafood, the famous seafood restaurant founded in Austin, Texas, in 2000. This chain's variation is whipped up with juicy Maine lobster, cream, and—wait for it—cognac. Order it with East Coast oysters, a bone-in rib-eye, and a side of truffled macaroni and cheese, and you're set.

"The lobster bisque soup was one of the best I ever had," shared one TripAdvisor user. "And the way it was presented was unique. Our seafood was tasty, and so were the 'sides'. I would definitely go back."

Legal Sea Foods

legal sea foods lobster bisque
Legal Sea Foods
Per Serving (1 Cup): 340 calories

Compared to other lobster bisques on this list, Legal Sea Foods may be the most affordable. The chain's lobster bisque is prepared with cream sherry, leaving quite an impression on restaurantgoers. One TripAdvisor reviewer mentioned that Legal Seafoods serves the "best lobster bisque on the planet" and elaborated, "Everything was perfect. Generous and friendly staff. Quiet table. Popovers with the best apple butter ever. And… I've eaten a lot of lobster bisque. This wins the prize."

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

Lobster bisque at Del Frisco's
Del Frisco's/Facebook

Nutrition information unavailable.

Head to Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse for a lobster bisque that will leave an impression. This restaurant's recipe is made with crème fraîche and chopped chives. Enjoy it as a starter, or order it as a side to filet mignon or bone-in prime strip.

Many reviews on Yelp note that the lobster bisque is a must-have. "The drinks were ok, but the food was amazing. I had Lobster bisque soup and the Chilean Sea Bass with lobster fried rice; it was DELICIOUS," one Yelp reviewer shared. Another one went so far as to say, "Let me tell you, I've had lobster bisque from many upscale places, and Del Frisco wins! There [was] spoonful lumps of lobster so yummy."

Ocean Prime

Lobster bisque at Ocean Prime
Ocean Prime/Facebook

Nutrition information unavailable.

Ocean Prime is famous for its seafood dishes, so ordering this tasty soup is a no-brainer. This restaurant makes its lobster bisque with juicy butter-poached lobster, making for a savory, creamy, hearty soup that is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. The lobster bisque is well-loved by customers, with other menu standouts including the Chilean sea bass, filet mignon, truffle macaroni and cheese, and butter cake for dessert.

"Lobster Bisque was to die for, with large pieces [of] lobster," one TripAdvisor reviewer stated. That says it all!

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Cousins Maine Lobster

Cousin's Maine Lobster

Nutrition information unavailable.

Whether you snag an order of lobster bisque at one of its food trucks or sit down to enjoy a bowl at one of its dine-in locations, the raved-about Cousins Maine Lobster is an excellent place to pick up some lobster bisque. This steamy soup is prepared with Maine lobster, a roux-thickened stock, Spanish sherry, light cream, and a sprinkling of white pepper.

That's not the only fantastic soup on offer, however. The restaurant's New England clam chowder, featuring fish stock, rendered salt pork, sautéed onions, and soft potatoes, also deserves an honorable mention.

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Lobster bisque at Truluck's

Nutrition information unavailable.

You don't want to overlook the second-course offerings section of the menu at Truluck's—that's where you'll find the lobster bisque. Finished with sherry and tender lobster morsels, this lobster bisque is a delightful dish that will become one of your new favorite go-to orders at the chain.

"The lobster bisque is amazing. The service is always great and the atmosphere is so romantic," one Yelp reviewer mentioned. Another reviewer said, "We absolutely love this place. The service and the food are always impeccable. I would highly recommend the Lobster bisque. It's by far the best we have ever had."

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McCormick & Schmick's

mccormick & schmick's lobster bisque
McCormick & Schmick's/Facebook

Nutrition information unavailable.

McCormick & Schmick's, the high-end seafood and steak restaurant renowned for its happy hour and unbeatable seafood specials, makes an excellent lobster bisque. It's available in two sizes—a cup or a bowl—and is made with hearty Maine lobster and sherry, which adds flavor and dimension to the dish. It makes an excellent starter to some of the restaurant's other menu highlights, including lump crab cakes, center-cut filet mignon, and Parmesan-crusted flounder.


Lobster bisque at Roy's Restaurant
Roy's Restaurant/Facebook

Nutrition information unavailable.

Last but certainly not least is Roy's, the high-end American restaurant focusing on Hawaiian and Japanese fusion cuisine. Founded by James Beard Foundation award-winner Roy Yamaguchi in the late 1980s, Roy's has a menu filled with expertly prepared sushi, steak, and seafood options that perfectly combine flavor and creativity. If you want an iconic lobster bisque, Roy's version is for you. It's made with Maine lobster, Thai aromatics, a touch of red curry, and creamy coconut milk.

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