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Brittany Natale

Brittany Natale

About author

Brittany Natale is a NYC-based freelance writer who often covers lifestyle, food, health, fashion, beauty, and culture. Her work has appeared in i-D, Popsugar, Teen Vogue, Man Repeller, Bustle, Village Voice, and more. When she is not writing she can usually be found at home playing with her cats, at her local library, or exploring the city.

Articles by Brittany Natale

mushroom risotto
shrimp cocktail
Egg benedict.
penne alla vodka
Boneless Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese
meatloaf plate
Steak Tartare
Healthy steak salad with avocado
a restaurant 'open' sign on a festive new year's themed background with gold stars and fireworks
a festive holiday-themed collage with a restaurant sign that reads "come in, we're open"
chili con queso
chicken piccata
mexican birria tacos
woman holding thanksgiving turkey
Authentic fresh falafel balls inside of two halves of pita bread sandwich
cheesecake factory sweet potato fries
9 Restaurant Chains That Serve the Best Club Sandwiches
fettucine alfredo lunch from cheesecake factory
classic wedge salad with iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing, bacon, tomatoes, and onions
cafe zupas chicken noodle soup
chicken parmesan
texas roadhouse combo appetizer
loaded potato skins
lots of seafood restaurant orders
crab cakes
cheese burger and fries
philly cheesesteak sandwich on sub roll