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The Most Amazing Starbucks Location In the World Never Stays In One Place for Long

Plus, discover more of the most beautiful Starbucks stores in the world.
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A cup of Starbucks coffee is a must for dedicated drinkers—so much so that many of the most committed caffeine-seekers have been known to look up the nearest Starbucks wherever they go, even on vacation. Starbucks presumably knows this, which is why you can usually find one of their stores practically everywhere, including amazing vacation spots around the world. Some, however, are more luxe and extravagant than others, with stores located in former palaces, historical sites, and near gorgeous geographic wonders.

Recently, The Travel wrote about 10 of the most extraordinary Starbucks locations around the world. These notable stores range from the "most beautiful" in Dubai's Ibn Battuta Mall to a spot at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA, that won't ask customers for a name. But the location that ranked #1 was notable for a very specific reason: It doesn't have a precise location, at least not geographically speaking.

While every Starbucks location on the list was impressive—like the one located in a 90-year-old library in Washington, one that sits between two continents, one at the foot of a volcano, and a particularly stunning spot inside a Balinese temple—The Travel concluded that the most amazing place to drink a cup of House Blend is…at sea?

That's right, you can find Starbucks on several Royal Caribbean cruise ships, and guests seem to be thrilled. The cruise line first partnered with the coffee chain back in 2010, and has since added floating locations to four other ships.

While The Travel only names the cruise line as the best place to sip Starbucks, the honor really belongs to one ship in particular, and that's Wonder Of The Seas. The cruise ship, launched this year, is currently the biggest cruise ship at sea, making it, essentially, a modern-day Titanic (though hopefully, it doesn't meet a similar end). The massive ship has 17 decks, is 1,188 feet long, and can hold 6,000 souls and 2,300 crew members. The most extravagant lodging options are opulent, but with some modern surprises. The Ultimate Family Suite can accommodate a family of 10 (!), boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that span several stories, and even has its own private waterslide—among other amazing amenities.

So, if the brand of coffee sways your vacation plans, then Royal Caribbean is for you. And sure, the onboard cafe is a great place to sip your cup of Joe or enjoy a cold brew, but if you want the actual, most unforgettable Starbucks experience ever, book the Ultimate Family Suite and sip it there. Sure, it will cost you upwards of $33,000—but you really can't beat the view.

Meaghan Cameron
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