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The #1 Walmart Snack For Your 'Stranger Things' Season 4 Viewing Party

Turn snack time upside down with these limited-edition treats.

"Stranger Things" fans have anxiously awaited Friday, May 27, the date that Netflix releases the sci-fi drama's volume one, season four. What is to come for Jim Hopper and his Russian imprisonment in the frigid wasteland of Kamchatka? And better yet, what will happen to our favorite group of friends as they navigate the halls of high school?

The fourth season of the sci-fi drama is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat, especially with the tagline, "Every ending has a beginning." Theories about what happens next are whirling, with a possible unraveling of the mystery that brings an end to the harrowing Upside Down, ushering us into the fifth and final season.

Meanwhile, something is disappearing, and it's nothing of the human form. The freezer section at your local Walmart is being raided for the "Stranger Things" Crazy Crispy Chick'n Nuggets that hit U.S.-based Walmart stores earlier this month.

skinny butcher stranger things-themed crazy crispy plant-based chicken nuggets
Courtesy of Skinny Butcher

The plant-based poultry alternative is causing quite the paranormal commotion for its delicious blend of pea protein and innovative vegetable fiber strain. The "healthier" version of the traditional fried chicken nugget is the perfect Stranger Things viewing party snack for vegan and non-vegan fans.

The soy and palm oil-free food is made by Skinny Butcher, a Detriot-based brand formed by a dual partnership between Vice Chairman Dave Zilko of Garden Fresh Gourmet and L.A.-based Golden West Food Group.

Zilko expressed about the partnership, "We immediately knew we had a product that people would think is out of this world. Not only can you not tell the difference between Skinny Butcher chick'n and animal-based products, but we're the only 'Crazy Crispy' nugget on the market, in either format."

"Stranger Things" Crazy Crispy Chick'n Nuggets will turn your perception of the nugget Upside Down, but hey, we've seen stranger things.

Skinny Butcher's plant-based nuggets sell for $7.99 at your local participating Walmart.

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