Dangerous Side Effects of Eating Fried Foods, According to Science

New research shows an alarming link to heart heath.

Fried food

This Sugar Substitute May Protect You From Diabetes, Study Finds

New research shows saccharin is safe to consume.

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This One Thing Makes You Twice as Likely to Die from Coronavirus

One pre-existing condition doubles your chances of death. 

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The One Way to Slash Your Diabetes Risk 60%

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Early Signs You Have Diabetes, According to Doctors

Watch out for these key indicators before it's too late.

Early Signs You Have Diabetes, According to Doctors

The One Way to Tell If You Have Prediabetes, According to the CDC

Take the test—there's a 33% chance you have it.


Eating This Many Eggs Could Be Terrible for Your Body, New Study Shows

A new study links high egg consumption with diabetes.

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