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20-Minute Meals: Pasta Milano

A soul-satisfying Italian classic that comes together in no time.
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Pasta night has been given a bad rap because of the low-carb movement, but there's just something about a plate of pasta that feeds the soul. The truth is, carbohydrates—especially healthy complex carbs—are an essential part of a well-balanced diet. Luckily, you can feed your body and soul with this tasty recipe without worrying about your waistline. Pasta lovers, rejoice!

One of the best sellers at Romano's Macaroni Grill, Pasta Milano is a creamy, decadent dish typically made with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheese over farfalle ("bowtie") pasta. Our lightened-up version has all the flavor of the original, but smart swaps—like using whole wheat pasta and protein-rich, roasted natural chicken—deliver the same comfort food feel without any of the guilt. Plus, this hearty pasta packs a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients from the vegetables, and comes together in less than 20 minutes.

It's time to bring back pasta night. Ready to mangia?


Makes 4 servings

8 oz Racconto 100% Whole Wheat Farfalle Pasta
12 oz Hormel Natural Choice Oven Roasted Carved Chicken
1 cup sautéed mushrooms
1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
1/2-3/4 cup Classico Red Pepper Alfredo
Toasted pine nuts, to taste

How To Make It

1. Set salted water in a pot to boil. While you're waiting, chop the sun-dried tomatoes.

2. When the water hits a rolling boil, add the pasta. Forget what the box says; spear noodles periodically. Perfect al dente pasta is done when it has the barest bite at the center.

3. As the pasta cooks, sauté chicken, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes with the Alfredo sauce. When pasta is al dente, remove a cup of pasta water before draining.

4. Add the drained pasta and cup of pasta water to the sauté pan and cook with the sauce for 30 seconds. This allows more sauce to stick to the pasta.

5. Sprinkle with toasted pine nuts. Enjoy!

Eat This! Tip

Save time and slim down: Taking your noodles off the stove a few minutes early and enjoying them al dente can help keep you fuller longer. And al dente pasta helps keep glucose levels steady, which wards off diet-derailing dips in energy.

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