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Arby's Is Being Sued Over the Quality Of Its Meat

A customer's disappointment with the chain's roast beef has been taken to court.

When you head out to Arby's, you're surely anticipating a delicious sandwich filled with layers of roast beef. However, that sandwich might not be as impressive as you had anticipated. That's apparently what happened to one customer who is now suing the fast-food chain for not delivering on a delicious experience.

A man by the name of Joseph Alongis claims that he ordered Double Beef 'N Cheddar and Smokehouse Brisket sandwiches after seeing an image of the item on the menu board. When he received his food, Alongis says that there was around half the amount of meat that he expected to get based on the depiction. Because of this, he's filed a class action lawsuit in a New York federal court over what he feels is Arby's "deceptive" advertisements, according to Top Class Actions.

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The lawsuit claims that Arby's ads are "violations of the New York Deceptive Acts and Practices Act, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment" due to the fact that during photoshoots, the brand apparently has meat placed in the sandwich in a certain way along with using props to make it appear as if the customer will be receiving more than they actually will. Alongis says that he wouldn't have spent money (or as much money) if he had been aware of how much meat the sandwich would actually contain.

The lawsuit also addresses the quality of the meat in Arby's sandwiches. Although the advertisements appear to promise rare roast beef, Alongis claims that's not what is served to customers.

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While the lawsuit is based on Alongis' experience, he has "filed the Arby's class action lawsuit on behalf of himself and others who purchased an Arby's Classic Roast Beef, Double Roast Beef, Half Pound Roast Beef, Classic Beef 'N Cheddar, Double Beef 'N Cheddar, Half Pound Beef 'N Cheddar, and/or Smokehouse Brisket menu item from an Arby's restaurant in New York since Sept. 5, 2020," per Top Class Actions.

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If this has you side-eyeing your local Arby's, then you may be interested to find out that they're not the only fast-food chain to be facing lawsuits for false advertising. Both Burger King and Taco Bell have found themselves in the same legal situation involving customers who claim that the restaurants are misleading the public by making their products seem bigger in ads than they are in reality.

When the news of the Arby's lawsuit hit social media, one Twitter user responded by writing, "It's about time, they have been doing this for years." Someone else added, "Wendy's should sue, as well. … 'Where's the beef?'"

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