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Alan Krawitz

Alan Krawitz

About author

Alan Krawitz is a veteran New York-based journalist with 25 years of experience working for a variety of media outlets including Newsday, Zenger News, and Long Island Press. He writes about restaurants, politics, education, cops/courts, and tackles a variety of investigative pieces. In his spare time, he's a fitness fanatic always on the lookout for new home gym equipment.

Articles by Alan Krawitz

kfc fried chicken sandwich and fries
habit burger grill cheeseburger
grilling steaks on flaming grill
potbelly's a wreck sandwich
blaze pepperoni pizza
pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, juice, and coffee
mcdonald's sign billions and billions served
fast food drive thru
golden corral fried chicken
BurgerIM burger trio
burger king logo
seafood boils