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Burger King May Have Secretly Discontinued These Menu Items

There's a new gaping hole on the chain's menu.

Burger King is making some major menu cuts. The company has already confirmed cuts to several low-selling items like sundaes and chocolate milk, as well as a reduction in the number of deals and promotions. But while the fast-food giant hasn't officially confirmed it, customers and employees are beginning to notice that salads are among the items missing from its menu.

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Social media users and several Burger King restaurant managers say that all salads seem to be history at the chain. As recently as January, both a Chicken Garden Salad and a side salad were available.

The four New York-area restaurant managers we spoke to confirmed that salads were "gone" and "won't be coming back." One of them even quipped, "Now, water is the healthiest thing on our menu."  The employees wished to remain anonymous.

We have also noticed that several Burger King locations we visited in Queens and Long Island have already removed salads, of any variety, from their menu boards.

burger king salad
Burger King / Facebook

A spokesperson for Burger King's parent company Restaurant Brands International (RBI) didn't respond to repeated requests to confirm the possible nixing of salads at all 7,000 of Burger King's U.S. locations.

Speaking of unhappy cuts at Burger King, Carrols Restaurant Group announced recently that it is decreasing the number of chicken nuggets in its meals from 10 pieces to 8 pieces, without offering consumers a lower price. Carrols, which operates more than 1,000 restaurants and is the largest Burger King franchisee in the country, said the move was in response to inflation and an alternative to raising prices.

Burger King's signature Whopper will also be removed from the chain's core discount menu and will no longer be featured in Two for $5 or Two for $6 specials. RBI's CEO José Cil recently said during an earnings call that the burger had been on the discount menu "for too long."

Burger King said it plans to market the Whopper as a premium, "iconic" product going forward. The Big King has largely replaced the Whopper in Two for $5 promotions.

Other cuts, as reported by Pop Culture, may include the elimination of single, double, and triple Whoppers as separate items, as well as changes to the original chicken sandwich as the new Ch'King sandwich may become the chain's standard offering.

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