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21 'Healthy' Snacks That Are Bad For You

You may perceive these snacks to be good for you, but they could be sneakily causing weight gain.

Amazing Benefits of Overnight Oats, According to Science

There are multiple reasons why this is such a beloved breakfast.

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Lose weight and boost your total health with these unsung superfoods.

7 Hidden Sources of Caffeine

Too much caffeine may be hazardous to your overall health. And it's lurking in surprising foods.

8 Nutrition Rules to Break Today

The history of food rules is centuries old.

25 Foods That Boost Your Thyroid & Metabolism

These healthy foods for your thyroid can help boost your metabolism and slim you down.

16 Cheat Meal Strategies for Weight Loss

What if we told you that you could cheat, guilt-free, and it would actually be good for you?

5 Healthiest Spices on the Planet

Wars were fought over them, best-selling pop groups were named after them and new continents were discovered in search of them. But before they were money or symbols of Girl Power, spices were medicines—healers that date back to the world's first civilizations.

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Green Tea

Much like the classic Mint Julep enjoyed once a year at the Kentucky Derby, most of us are guilty of only reaching for green tea when we're at a Japanese restaurant.

8 Supplements Diet Experts Swear By

Be careful with your supplement intake and reach for these expert-approved ones instead.

8 Best Foods for Virility

Men think about sex 19 times a day, and food 18 times. While the two trains of thought probably don't cross paths, perhaps they should. And I'm not talking about post-coital pizza orders.

Eat These Foods for a Better Fat-Burning Workout

Imagine you're a brilliant chemist and you've just discovered the world's first water-soluble vitamin. It's like body sculpting gold for people looking to lose weight.

7 Summertime Diet Tweaks That Help You Lose More Weight

They're called the lazy days of summer — and, boy, do our weight loss goals agree.

7 Ways to Lose More Weight with Your Morning Bowl of Oatmeal

Some are too sweet. Others are too dull. Very few are it juuust right. But the best ones can make your heart sing — flooding the system with feel-good chemicals from the very first spoonfest. No, I'm not talking about men. I'm talking about oatmeal.

Best Salad Dressing Ingredients for Fat Loss

Open your refrigerator and count the sticky bottles of half-used salad dressing taking up prime fridge-door real estate. Your goopy collection is out of control, hogging the fridge when you don't even need one bottle.

9 Secret Steps That Make Superfoods Even Healthier

A thick layer of frosting, a dusting of cheese, a swipe of mayo: It's often the extra steps we take in everyday meal prep that make them extra delicious — and extra caloric.

8 Salad Toppings That Burn Fat

Salad is like the Lady Gaga of the culinary world. While most dishes remain stable since their initial conception — a modern roast chicken is pretty much the same as the medieval one turned on a spit — the salad morphs its identity more often than Mother Monster herself.

5 Superfoods That Will Save Your Life

Diet and disease have been linked since the beginning of time, when plants were cultivated not only for food, but also as remedies for a host of ailments.

The Self-Confidence Diet

The food guilt, the negative self-talk, the still ill-fitting clothes—diets can do a number on your self confidence, especially when your goal seems forever-plus-10-pounds away.