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Best & Worst Sandwich at Quiznos

Just like a trip home to see your parents, some of Quiznos' sandwiches can drive you to the brink—in this case, of dietary disaster.

The second largest sub-sandwich shop in the U.S., Quiznos offers a number of homey-sounding sammys incorporating seafood, pulled pork and steak, and their tasty toastedness is especially satisfying — unless you glance at the nutritional info. To help you enjoy the comfort without messing up your weight loss success with crazy calories, we found the best and worst the sammy shop has to offer.

Eat This!

Regular Turkey Lite




9 g

Saturated at

2 g

Trans Fat

0 g


1,960 mg


76 g


31 g

Not That!

Regular Italian Meatball




59 g

Saturated Fat

20 g

Trans Fat

0.5 g


2,580 mg


86 g


62 g

Quiznos offers a number of dietary torpedos: the Mesquite, Turkey Bacon Guacamole and innocent-sounding Honey Mustard varieties ring in at over 900 calories for a Regular size. But it's the Italian Meatball sandwich, topped with double mozzarella and marinara sauce, that will sink your nutritional goals quickest. It's the equivalent of eating two Big Macs! The best option is the Regular Turkey Lite, which comes topped with vegetables and a vinaigrette (a staple of the original authentic Northeastern submarine sandwich). It rings in at fewer than half the calories of the meatball sub, and is the leanest option on the menu. If you find yourself with an uncontrollable craving for Italian meatballs, binge on episodes of The Sopranos instead.

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