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All the Stages for Weight Loss Success—Explained by Beyoncé Songs

Whether you know her as Queen B, Bey, Mrs. Carter, or Sasha Fierce, we can all learn some life lessons from Beyoncé. Read on for some weight loss inspiration from everyone's favorite lady boss.

We don't all wake up flawless like Beyoncé. But the reality of it is, most of us try. Whether you're attempting to lose weight or simply wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, there are inevitable ups and downs to reaching your goals. The struggle is real! But embracing that struggle is half the battle. So, to help you get in a positive mindset, we're preaching a Beyoncé-style approach to weight loss and helping you make "Lemonade" out of lemons.

Ring the Alarm

"Ring the alarm I've been through this too long…"

Ok, winter's over. You've spent the season essentially hibernating—hiding under layers of clothes, eating comfort food, and snuggling up under the blankets instead of hitting the gym. You feel heavy and sluggish. You need a serious wake-up call! This is that moment you decide it's time to make some changes. Channel your inner Bey and ring that internal alarm!

Get Me Bodied

"A little sweat ain't never hurt nobody…get me bodied…"

One of those changes is deciding to get in the best shape of your life! You commit to getting your bikini body ready in time for summer and turning those love handles into sexy Beyonce-style curves. You know this is going to take some serious planning, commitment, and perseverance, but you're feeling fierce and ready. It's time to get all bodied up!



You make yourself a timeline. You decide when you want to start your health kick and when you want to accomplish your goals. You make short term objectives and create a workout schedule. Perhaps you start a food diary like the one found on our list of 44 Ways to Lose 4 Inches of Body Fat. This is a great way to keep track of your progress and map out the weeks to come.


"Let me upgrade you…"

Here's when you upgrade your diet; you add in more veggies, scale back soda, and switch out the refined carbs for healthy carbs. You introduce healthy fats instead of saturated fats. You load up on whole foods packed with protein and fiber for lasting energy instead of sugary foods that make you crash an hour later. You learn how to master supermarket shopping to get the most nutritional bang for your buck.

Run the World

"Don't be scared to run this…"

When it comes to weight loss success, you've probably learned in the past that your workout is the add-on to a stable, healthy foundation—like the first four stages you just read. Here's when you lace up your sneakers and look cardio straight in the eye. You go for runs, you take a spin class, you do the elliptical for an hour instead of 10 minutes. Perhaps you take a dance class and whip out your best Bey moves. It's hard at first, but each day it gets a little bit easier. And you have to admit—it feels so good to get your sweat on. The endorphins you feel from moving your feet are making you fall crazy in love with exercise! Bonus: Daily exercise is a surefire way to boost you metabolism.

Move Your Body

"Let the movement be the rhythm tonight…Move your body, move your body…"

But cardio alone won't get you cut abs, so now you also switch up your exercise and work your whole body. Did you know that doing cardio every single day can actually stall your weight loss? Exercisers who mix up their routine lose more weight than those that trudge it out on the treadmill every day. Mixing in some high-intensity interval training or even hopping on your "surfbordt" will kick your weight loss into high gear. Plus, extended cardio can actually eat away at lean muscle mass, leaving you less bootylicious than you'd like to be.


"Put my foot down, yeah…"

With all that hard work you're putting in, you're not about to ruin it all by stuffing your face! So now you really take on diet rules that work for your lifestyle. Maybe you adopt a Meal Prep Sunday ritual, cut back on dairy, or refuse to be pressured into a caloric frozen margarita when you'd be perfectly happy drinking water. There's nothing that says you're the boss like putting your foot down about your health! Check out our 50 Best Weight Loss Tips to find simple, effortless diet rules that can be added seamlessly to your lifestyle.

Sweet Dreams

"Every night I rush to my bed…"

Now, you learn some tricks to speed up your weight loss—like how getting enough sleep is as important as eating a healthy diet or getting adequate exercise. Not getting enough shut-eye is on our list of 50 Things Making You Fatter and Fatter. Countless studies have proven that minimal sleep is linked to a higher BMI. So go ahead and be a diva! Get all the beauty rest you need to keep you rested, energized, and on the track to weight loss success.

Beautiful Liar

"Nobody likes being played…"

The next stage? You learn to read food labels. You learn that a lot of packaging is actually just a marketing scheme. You learn that foods labeled "low-fat" or "diet" are actually just scams. (These foods are often simply high in sugar or sodium.) You learn that 0-calorie foods are instead loaded with artificial ingredients. You learn that "organic" doesn't always equal healthy. It's all a lie, and if we've learned anything from Queen B, it's to not let yourself get played! So, take a stand, learn to not judge a granola bar by its cover, and see through the money-making schemes of the food industry. Feeling yourself get fired up about the way food manufacturers lie to consumers? Then read up on these 20 Foods You Can't Trust!

Fighting Temptation

"I'm just fighting temptation, gotta get more control, yes it's very tempting…"

Okay. The truth at this moment? You're a few weeks in and you're losing a little steam. You're doing your best to stick to a healthy plan, but that chocolate bar in the pantry or that ice cold beer in the refrigerator is calling your name. You may be thinking, "Why is this happening to me?! I am supposed to be strong and powerful!"

Relax, it's totally normal to have cravings. You were used to a certain lifestyle for so long that your body is going to take some time to adjust to the new, healthier you. But don't worry; there's good news! Many nutritionists now recommend indulging a little here and there. It's a great way to sustain your healthy lifestyle without going crazy. Most people let their cravings build and build until they can't suppress them any longer and end up bingeing in a big way. So, treat yourself like the queen (or king) you are and indulge a little—it'll pay off in the long run.


"Roll up the partition please…"

When it comes to the stages of weight loss success, this is the turning point for many people. It's different for you this time, though, because you're not going to let your cravings run your life. You've read on how it's normal for people to overestimate their healthy choices and underestimate their indulgences and bad habits—and you know you need to just block out the temptations. So you get the goodies out of sight (and out of mind) and keep healthy foods on display. Hiding treats and junk food in the cupboard or not keeping them in the house at all is one of our 30 Weight Loss Tricks You Haven't Tried. This one small change will have some capital B benefits and help you manage your cravings.

Love On Top

"Everybody asks me why I'm smiling out from ear to ear….Nothing's perfect, but it's worth it…"

You learn that healthy lifestyle changes are full of slip-ups and setbacks. Sometimes, it feels like you take two steps forward and three steps back. Over time, you realize that the biggest key to weight loss is not simply food nor exercise, but love—self-love, that is. Low self-confidence, food guilt, and negative self-talk are vicious cycles and only encourage eventual failure. The only way to truly get your Bey body is to put your (self) love on top. Go ahead and channel that self-confidence that Beyoncé is world famous for— it'll work better than any diet shortcuts.


"I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it.."

At last, you see your dreams becoming a reality. Your hard work and diligent dietary choices are finally taking form! You can literally see the changes and you can feel your body and mind getting stronger. You recognize all the hard work it took to get you here. You feel stronger, happier, and—of course—fiercer. But your work is not done yet. You realize you have all the tools and the experience to make your changes stick for good—and you're not stopping now. Time to turn up the Beyoncé beats and see just how far you can take this!

For tips on how to keep your healthy lifestyle rolling and keep the weight off, check out our list of 20 Ways to Lose Weight Permanantly.