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Chinese Food Recipes for Weight Loss

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When you enjoy a cheat meal, you probably don't think twice about the calories. But if Chinese food is your go-to, it's time to wise up.

Why can't you live in blissful ignorance? Because your meal is probably far worse than you imagine. In fact, some Chinese food dishes carry upward of 1,000 calories—indulgent enough to set back even the most disciplined dieter.

Thankfully, there's no need to give up your favorite grub on your quest for six-pack abs. Just invest in a wok and make your favorite dishes at home. Not sure where to start? We've laid out six combinations that are sure to satisfy your taste buds, fuel your culinary creativity and save you tons of calories! Our Chili Garlic Pork recipe, for example, has just 205 calories per serving, while the take-out variety carries 1,070—that's a savings of 865 calories! Once you map out your favorite flavor profiles, you can wok your way to hundreds of different meals—all with little to no forethought and only a few minutes of concentrated cooking.

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