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Costco Is Permanently Eliminating Its Convenient Photo Service

But your membership can still provide discounts on photo printing—here's how.

There are many perks to paying for a Costco membership beyond just great deals on groceries and other household items.

For years, one of these additional benefits was easy access to high-quality and affordable photo services. At the Costco Photo Center, you could make prints and also emblazon your personal images on all sorts of things from calendars and mugs to blankets and wall art.

But like so many other things that members have enjoyed through the years, the photo center will soon be a distant memory.

Costco is completely shutting down its in-house photo business at the end of January, according to the company's website. So, if you were planning on ordering prints or other custom items through the warehouse club, you only have a few days left to do so.

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The move marks the final death knell for a popular service that the club has been winding down for some time now. Costco previously shuttered its in-store photo centers back in 2021 and shifted those services to its online site, Now that site too is going away.

Costco is instead outsourcing these services to online photo giant Shutterfly, which will offer cardholders a 51% discount on all orders through their annual membership to the warehouse club.

Even with the promised discount, however, many Costco members bemoaned the loss of yet another beloved club amenity in a recent Reddit thread. "Costco's photo products were always high quality and affordable," noted one commenter. "Have to add this on to list of good things that died at Costco (polish dog, condiments, in-house photo processing, etc). RIP." 

Costco members are advised to place their final orders through the website by Jan. 28 and download any saved images or projects they wish to keep by Jan. 31. Members can also transfer their saved photos and projects to Shutterfly before the site goes dark.

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