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'Cringe' Video Of Costco Shoppers Rushing to Grab Rotisserie Chickens Sparks Debate

Is there a wrong way to snag a roast chicken at Costco? Many think so!

Is there proper etiquette for grabbing one of Costco's famous rotisserie chickens? That question recently became a point of fierce debate thanks to a viral video that showed members clearing out a fresh batch of the beloved roasted birds in mere seconds.

In the video, which has popped up on both Reddit and TikTok, dozens of shoppers were seen milling around the area where Costco roasts and displays its rotisserie chickens. Shortly after, a Costco employee wheeled out a cart of freshly cooked rotisserie chickens—and never got the chance to unload them onto the display.

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A swarm of members almost immediately surrounded him and began grabbing chickens straight off of the cart. In less than a minute, the cart was plucked completely clean of every single bird.

"Everyone fighting for that chicken," text overlaid on the video read.

On Reddit, many Costco fans were very taken aback at the sight of fellow members clearing out the whole cart so quickly. 

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"I love Costco but I'm slowly starting to hate it because of stuff like this. People are wild at every location. It's too much," one shopper commented.

"The poor guy was able to put only two of them on display before every single one was snatched off," another wrote.

Some even went so far as to describe the video as "cringe" or "embarrassing."

On the other hand, other shoppers defended the members who rushed to snag their chickens, saying that there was nothing wrong with their behavior.

"I don't really understand why some of y'all are upset at this. Seems very tame and civil to me. There was no shoving or fighting. This is just what happens sometimes at high-traffic locations," one commented.

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"I mean, I don't think it's so awful it's just people waiting for more rotisserie, and when it comes people take it?" another wrote. "The world is expensive these days, and it seems like everything costs money. If affordable-priced, fresh, hot chicken gives you any amount of joy, then you go get that. And if that means elbowing your way through the meat section then so be it!"

Whichever side you fall on in this debate, the biggest takeaway is that Costco shoppers have a major appetite for those rotisserie chickens—and no shortage of opinions on the proper way to score one.

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