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A Regional Burger Chain Files For Bankruptcy

The burger chain joins a growing list of restaurant bankruptcies in 2024.

McDonald's Cancels New Drive-Thru Feature

The drive-thru feature has caused some head-scratching yet hilarious ordering experiences.

What Happened to Chipotle?

Once revered, many fans of the fast-casual chain say it's on the decline. We did a deep dive to investigate.

Trader Joe’s Most Popular Ice Cream Is Back

The seasonal treat first debuted in 2022—and just returned for another limited-time run.

Dave & Buster’s In Trouble? Chain Sees Declining Sales

The eatertainment chain had a difficult start to 2024.

Do Costco’s Frozen Chicken Bakes Live Up to Fresh Ones?

I sampled the frozen Chicken Bakes sold at Costco to see if they taste as good as the food court version.

Popeyes Just Launched a $6.99 Value Meal

Popeyes has joined a growing list of fast-food chains rolling out value deals.

McDonald's Is Testing a New Ice Cream

The brand-new ice cream is unlike any of McDonald's other frozen desserts.

Does Costco Food Court Sell Chicken Bake Pizza?

Costco's Chicken Bake Pizza has been taking TikTok by storm, but is it real?

Jersey Mike’s Attracting Panera & Subway Customers

The booming sandwich chain continues to grow stronger as its biggest rivals lose market share.

Jack In the Box to Open 15 Restaurants In New State

Customers in one part of the country are finally getting their first stores from the regional chain.

Mexican Chain Continues Closing Locations In 2024

The latest closure comes shortly after the chain shuttered another location earlier this year.

Papa Johns Just Brought Back An Iconic Pizza

The returning pizza is Papa Johns' “most requested menu item.”

Costco Selling Adorable New Reese’s Product

The new candy is Reese's first seasonal summer shape.

Wendy’s Just Launched a New Summer Frosty Flavor

The never-before-seen flavor absolutely screams "summer."

6 Restaurant Chains Facing Bankruptcy In 2024

These chains have experienced their fair share of issues, from closures to legal troubles.

Popular Costco Bakery Item Garners Major Complaints

While some Costco shoppers adore these baked goods, others say they're "disappointing."

Taco Bell Adds 5 Exciting New Menu Items

From cheesy burritos to frozen drinks, here are all the new options that just arrived at Taco Bell.

11 Chains Launching Exciting New Menu Items In June

From Chick-fil-A to Cava, chains are cranking out plenty of new foods and beverages for fans this month.

Costco To Stop Selling This Product Year-Round

The retailer will make the change to its inventory early next year, according to a report.

Mexican Chain Declares Bankruptcy After Closures

The struggling chain is only the latest in a recent string of major restaurant bankruptcies.

Costco Rotisserie Chicken Change Garners Complaints

The change began rolling out in March—and many shoppers aren't happy about it.

Burger King Tests Juicy New Line of Chicken Items

The new chicken offerings are slated to hit menus this week.

Booming Chicken Chain to Open 1,000 New Stores

The fast-growing brand will add more than 100 locations in 2024 alone.

Aldi vs. Lidl: 7 Major Differences

These beloved discount grocery chains have plenty in common, but there are also a few key ways in which they vary.

Arby's is Bringing Back Its Most Popular Deal

The list of new fast-food promotions keeps on growing.

A Popular Burger Chain Is About To Double in Size

The chain will host a series of popups this summer to scope out potential markets for new stores.

12 Restaurant Chains Closing Locations In 2024

Rising inflation, underperforming stores, and financial pressures are among the key reasons many major chains have shuttered stores.

Every Major Food Recall to Know About Right Now

Make sure to check your pantry for these grocery items that are being pulled from stores.

I Tried Wendy's Saucy Nuggets & One Flavor Blew Me Away

The nuggets are hitting menus across the country right now. Here are my thoughts on every flavor.