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The Most Underrated Item on the Cracker Barrel Breakfast Menu

Don't give the pancakes all of your attention.

Yes, Cracker Barrel's pancakes are great. And how cute are those mini syrup bottles that come alongside your short stack? But if you're looking for a lighter option on the Cracker Barrel breakfast menu, there's one meal you might have overlooked. The Apple n' Cinnamon Oatmeal is loaded with fresh fruit and flavor, and it's a delicious alternative to heavier breakfast options.

Basically, the oatmeal is by far the most underrated item on the Cracker Barrel breakfast menu.

What's in the Cracker Barrel oatmeal?

The steel-cut oats are topped with plenty of fruit and nuts. There are roasted apples, dried cranberries, raisins, pecans, along with the delicious flavors of vanilla and cinnamon. And, of course, the oatmeal comes with a bit of milk on the side, so you can get it to just the right consistency.

As a child who grew up exclusively ordering oatmeal at breakfast restaurants, I can confidently say that Cracker Barrel's version is one of the best around. The last thing you want is dry, flavorless oats—and Cracker Barrel's oatmeal has plenty of flavors. You'll get all of the fruity goodness that comes with hot breakfasts, minus the bloat that can accompany bigger dishes like the pancake platters.

Pair this hearty dish with one of the chain's signature biscuits and a pumpkin pie latte, and you've got the perfect fall meal. And for a really decadent treat, you can always ask for one of the syrup bottles to drizzle atop your oats.

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What else is on the Cracker Barrel breakfast menu?

If you're not into oats, you've still got plenty of options. Whether you want a big meal like Momma's French Toast Breakfast or something lighter like a yogurt parfait, Cracker Barrel has plenty of homestyle breakfast options, served all day long.

Don't skip the loaded hashbrown casserole, either. After all, who says the lunch and dinner menus are the only ones that can have fun side dishes? With grits, two types of ham, and yes, fried apples, there are plenty of tasty additions to enjoy alongside that bowl of oatmeal.

Meghan De Maria
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