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Diamond Crystal Is Getting Fancy With 2 New Spins on Its Popular Salt

The brand's kosher salt is already the go-to for many professional chefs.

When it comes to salt, it may seem safe to assume that any brand would do. But professional chefs and even some home cooks attest that not all salt is created equal.

In fact, there is one brand that some say tops them all: Diamond Crystal Salt Co. If you're one of the food-fanatics that would rather forgo cooking entirely than use a salt other than Diamond Crystal's, there's good news for you today.

The brand is releasing two new salt varieties that it promises will "level up flavor in any recipe."

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The first new variety is a Coarse California Sea Salt that comes from the Pacific Ocean. According to a Diamond Crystal release, the salt is produced without additives and is harvested after "years of natural evaporation." When freshly ground, the new product can be a welcome taste and textural addition to a dish, Diamond Crystal said.

The second new option is a Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt, another texture-forward variety harvested from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan's Punjab region. As the name implies, this additive-free rock salt has a pink hue that comes from trace minerals, Diamond Crystal said.

Diamond Crystal already offers several salt varieties for cooking, including sea salt and plain table salt. But the brand's classic kosher salt is the one that has achieved the most fanfare and prestige.

America's Test Kitchen says that Diamond Crystal has long been its "preferred" kosher salt. The same goes for Alex Belew, a chef and winner of Hell's Kitchen Season 21, who shared his love for the brand in a statement included in the Diamond Crystal release.

"Diamond Crystal produces the best kosher salt on the market and it's the only one I use in my home and my kitchens," Belew said in the release.

Even Samin Nosrat, the chef and author of the acclaimed cookbook Salt Fat Acid Heat and host of the Netflix docuseries of the same name, believes that Diamond Crystal kosher salt is the way to go. Compared to rival brands like Morton, Diamond Crystal's salt comes in lighter flakes that dissolve quicker and can more easily stick to food, traits that can help lessen the chance of overseasoning. It is also known to be less salty than the denser Morton salt.

Diamond Crystal's two new salt varieties are already available online and in stores nationwide. In addition to launching the two new salt varieties, the company is also debuting more sustainable packaging with a refreshed look.

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