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15 Beloved Whole Foods Items Fans Want Back

Anyone else wish their store carried chocolate Oatly?

Despite its "Whole Paycheck" nickname, Whole Foods has earned a loyal following from countless customers across the country. With its variety of organic and plant-based options, along with local food brands from each store's community, Whole Foods is the perfect store for health-conscious consumers.

Unfortunately, Whole Foods has had to make some tough calls over the years, discontinuing the sales of products that some customers loved. And last year, Whole Foods turned its 365-branded locations, which focused on affordable options, into regular Whole Foods Market stores. Whole Foods still has plenty of great options for sale, but the move was disappointing for health-conscious shoppers on a budget.

We've combed through social media to find some of the discontinued Whole Foods items fans are missing. Get ready for a trip down memory lane. And for ways to save at the chain, don't miss these 20 Surprisingly Cheap Eats from Whole Foods.

Conrad's Deli Honey Stung Beef Jerky

beef jerky

One customer tweeted that their local Whole Foods used to sell this jerky but no longer carries it. Fortunately, you can still order it on the Conrad's Deli website.

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365 Carrot Ginger Miso Dressing

bottle of 365 carrot ginger miso dressing

Reminiscent of the dressing you'd get on a salad at a sushi restaurant, this 365 dressing hit all the right notes. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be available at Whole Foods anymore.

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Honest Peach Tea

bottle of honest peach tea

If you were headed to Whole Foods to scoop up this black tea, we have some bad news. Honest Tea's original Peach Tea was discontinued and replaced with the lower-sugar Peach Oolong Tea. Fear not, though: The brand's current offerings are still available at Whole Foods.

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Hiball Pomegranate Acai Energy Drink

hiball pomegranate acai energy drink

One fan lamented this flavor's disappearance from their local Whole Foods, and it looks like the flavor has been discontinued entirely. Pomegranate Acai isn't listed among the Hiball flavors on the company's website. You can, though, get a pomegranate acai "pre-workout shot" at Whole Foods.

Colloidal Silver

box of colloidal silver from whole foods

It might be a good thing that this supplement is no longer on Whole Foods shelves. Some have claimed that colloidal silver can cure the coronavirus, but that's a myth, so don't buy into the hype.

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365 Chickenless Nuggets

365 frozen chickenless nuggets

These 365-branded vegan frozen nuggets were the perfect comfort-food alternative to nuggets from McDonald's. But it appears that they've been discontinued at Whole Foods.

Goodie Girl Chocolate Chunk Cookies

box of goodie girl chocolate chunk cookies

These gluten-free cookies were discontinued, but don't worry! The brand's new formula, Homestyle Chocolate Chip cookies, are still available at Whole Foods.

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Gluten-Free Pie Crust

whole foods gluten free pie crust

Finding a pre-made gluten-free pie crust can be tricky, which is why it was so devastating when Whole Foods discontinued the one it sold.

Peeled Oranges

Peeling and unrolling an orange easily on a cutting board.

Proponents of these oranges argued that they're easier to open and more accessible for disabled customers. Others argued that the plastic packaging was unnecessary and that the oranges were overpriced. Whatever your opinion, this fruit got people talking, and Whole Foods discontinued the peeled oranges.

Chicken & Dumpling Soup

whole foods chicken and dumplings soup

One fan tweeted that Whole Foods' chicken and dumpling soup was discontinued, and we'd have to guess that they're right because we can't find the product on Whole Foods' website. Fortunately, you can make chicken and dumplings at home with our easy recipe!

Beyond Meat Chicken Strips

beyond meat chicken strips

For plant-based customers, parting wasn't such sweet sorrow when Beyond Meat discontinued its chicken strips.

Goodfarms Strawberry Juice

bottle of goodfarms strawberry juice

Local strawberry label Goodfarms once sold strawberry juice bottles in California Whole Foods locations. Sadly, the juice has been discontinued, but shoppers can still find tomatoes and strawberries from the brand.

Oatly Chocolate Oat Drink

oatly chocolate oat milk

As Oatly explained, its chocolate oat drink isn't available at Whole Foods anymore. But it's still in production, so keep an eye out for it at other grocery stores!

Van's Foods Cereal

vans gluten free original toaster waffles

Van's is known for its frozen waffles, but the brand once made cereal, too. That's been discontinued, though, so you won't find it on Whole Foods shelves.

Honest Limeade

honest mint limeade

Peach Tea isn't the only product discontinued at Whole Foods. Honest Limeade has also gone the way of the dinosaur.

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