Dr. Fauci Defends Targeted "Shutdowns" As Necessary

Closing bars and restaurants are key when infection rates are high, he explains.

Businesswoman closing her business activity due to covid-19 lockdown. Owner with surgical mask close the doors of her store due to quarantine coronavirus damage. Close up sign of bankrupt business due to the effect of COVID-19 pandemic.
Woman at the entrance to a closed clothing store.
Los Angeles Skyline
Woman removing face mask from her face outdoors.

The 26 States the CDC Is Most Worried About Right Now

Here's the "red zone" for COVID infections.

The 26 States the CDC Is Most Worried About Right Now
Dr. Fauci Says if You Did This, "Assume You Are Infected"

CDC Now Says You're Most Likely to Catch COVID Here

"One of the major drivers of transmission...is the home gatherings," said Redfield.

Female Medical Worker Wearing Protective Face Mask, goggles and Gear

5 Signs You've Already Had COVID, According to an Expert

Post-COVID Syndrome can resemble chronic fatigue.

woman touching her neck and feeling pain in throat while sitting in the living room at home.

These Foods May Weaken COVID-19, New Study Says

It all has to do with the chemical comounds.

dark chocolate

The CDC Just Changed This Major COVID Rule For Everyone

The recommendation was 14 days; now it's 7 to 10, depending on testing.

Woman wearing a face mask