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Domino's Is Launching Three New Appetizers Perfect For Snack-Lovers

Will you share with friends or treat yourself to these savory small bites?

Typically at Domino's, the star of the show is the cheesy, hand-tossed pizzas, however, the pizza chain has recently introduced three new sharable tater tot creations to select locations that are expected to launch nationwide soon.

Chewboom reports the chain is testing Cheddar Bacon, Melty 3 Cheese, and Philly Cheesesteak appetizers that start at $6.99.  These loaded tots were first spotted at ​​a few select locations across California earlier this month, according to Fast Food Post. The items are expected to launch nationwide in February according to Domino's employees on social media.  Some employees have also revealed on Reddit that these shareables will be in Domino's everywhere on Feb. 6.

Each of the three variations is covered in cheesy, tasty toppings. For the Cheddar Bacon Loaded Tots, you'll receive a fresh batch of crispy potatoes sprinkled with bacon, a cheddar cheese blend, and garlic parmesan. The Melty 3 Cheese tots come loaded with provolone cheese, a cheddar cheese blend, and Alfredo cheese sauce. And last but not least, the spuds in the Philly Cheesesteak take get topped with Philly steak, onions, green peppers, a cheddar cheese blend, and the chain's creamy Alfredo sauce.

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While Domino's advertises this new concoction as "Tot-ally delicious," they have been met with conflicting reviews by employees and fans on social media. While many expressed their excitement and mentioned that they sound really good, others questioned whether they'd survive delivery. Under TikTok user Markie_devo's coverage of the upcoming item launch, a user commented, "I would never think of dominos for having good tater tots. The pizzas arrive cold. Not sure how they'd keep these warm for delivery."

Even though it raised the price last year, the pizza chain still offers its beloved $6.99 Mix & Match deal. It includes two or more medium 2-topping pizzas, appetizers, salads, or even desserts—so it's very possible these tots stacked with a variety of toppings will be the newest addition to the mix.

Jordan Summers-Marcouillier
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