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Doritos Just Released a Bold New Flavor Inspired by a Discontinued Fan-Favorite

The latest snack addition is filling fans with nostalgia.
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From salty to spicy to sweet, Doritos offers a plethora of chip flavors geared toward various taste preferences. Now, the chip brand is capturing the attention of its cheeseburger-loving fans with the launch of a new flavor: Late Night Sizzlin' Cheeseburger.

Multiple social media users recently shared this news, with some shoppers already getting their hands on the chips. Food-focused Instagram accounts @markie_devo and @snackolator noted that the Doritos cheeseburger chips are currently available exclusively at Kroger supermarkets.

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As written on the back of the bag, the new chip flavor is described as "Late night flavors. One bold crunch."

In the recent Instagram announcement, @markie_devo wrote, "I hope it tastes like the OG cheeseburger Dorito they used to have. I loved that one!!"

Doritos previously sold All Nighter Cheeseburger Doritos for about a year, but the brand discontinued it in 2010, according to Parade. The new flavor is now filling Doritos fans with nostalgia.

"I remember when they had these in 2010," one Instagram user commented on @markie_devo's post, adding, "so good."

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"My dreams do come true! 😍 this was my absolute favorite in high school […]," another user added.

Others shared reviews of the new chips.

"Tastes just like a whopper. 10/10," noted one fan.

"Really good chips, I bought a bag and they were good," another one wrote on @snackolator's post.

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Doritos previously sold Late Night Loaded Taco chips, which are allegedly being discontinued, according to @markie_devo.

The Late Night Sizzlin' Cheeseburger chips, which pack 150 calories per serving, aren't the only new Doritos products to recently hit stores. In January, the chip brand expanded its Doritos Dinamita line by adding four new flavors alongside its original Chile Limón option.

The newest flavors include Flamin' Hot Queso, Smoky Chile Queso, Tangy Fiery Lime, and Hot Honey Mustard. While the Chile Limón and Flamin' Hot Queso come in the classic rolled tortilla chip shape, the Smoky Chile Queso, Tangy Fiery Lime, and Hot Honey Mustard are available in a new stick shape.

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