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The Best New Grocery Products of 2024

Need some shopping inspo? Here are some of the latest and greatest items to hit supermarkets.
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Butter, milk, eggs, bread. These are just a few standard items that might have a spot on your current grocery list. While it's important to keep these staples top of mind when visiting the supermarket, checking out the store's latest releases can add some fun to an otherwise ordinary shopping trip. Because who said grocery shopping has to be boring? Fortunately, new grocery products abound.

Since the start of 2024, numerous brands have expanded their product selections by adding to their flavor offerings or unveiling entirely new innovations. For instance, last month, Nestlé Toll House introduced its new Triple Chip Mix, while Beyond Meat launched its fourth-generation plant-based sausage.

Whether you're on the hunt for an ice cream treat or a potato chip alternative, there's guaranteed to be a new option waiting for you. So, start drafting your shopping list. Here are some of the best new grocery products that have hit the shelves this year—so far.

This list will be updated throughout 2024 as new grocery products are released. Prices noted are current at the time each new product is added and may vary by location.

KIND Savory Bars & KIND Seeds, Fruit & Nuts Bars

boxes of kind savory bars and kind seeds, fruit & nuts bars
Courtesy of Kind
Nutrition: Roasted Nuts & Jalapeño (Per Bar):
Calories: 180
Fat: 14 g fat (Saturated Fat: 2 g)
Sodium: 140 mg
Carbs: 15 g (Fiber: 5 g Sugar: 4 g)
Protein: 6 g

This year has been busy for KIND, which just introduced two new product lines: Savory and Seeds, Fruits & Nuts. The Savory bars feature nuts and a smoky, spicy flavor profile. These come in three flavors: Paprika Nuts & Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt, Roasted Nuts & Jalapeño, and Rosemary Nuts & Sea Salt.

For shoppers looking for something sweeter, the Seeds, Fruits & Nut Bars showcase flavors like strawberry, raspberry, and orange. Options include Strawberry Sunflower Seed, Orange Cranberry Pumpkin Seed, and Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pumpkin Seed.

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Sweet Baby Ray's Hot Sauces

sweet baby ray's hot sauces
Courtesy of Sweet Baby Ray's
Nutrition: Spicy Garlic Hot Sauce (Per 1-Tablespoon Serving):
Calories: 0
Fat: 0 g fat
Sodium: 180 mg
Carbs: 0 g (Fiber: 0 g Sugar: 0 g)
Protein: 0 g

While Sweet Baby Ray's is best known for its barbecue sauce, the brand recently expanded its product offerings with the launch of a new hot sauce line. Joining the brand's Original Hot Sauce—which is the base of all Sweet Baby Ray's Buffalo wing sauces—are three new flavors. These include Kickin' Barbecue, Spicy Garlic, and Smoked Chipotle. The new hot sauces are now available at select stores for a suggested price of $1.99 to $2.49.

Babybel Variety Pack

babybel variety pack
Courtesy of Babybel
Nutrition: Original Cheese (Per Piece):
Calories: 70
Fat: 5 g fat (Saturated Fat: 3.5 g)
Sodium: 150 mg
Carbs: 0 g (Fiber: 0 g Sugar: 0 g)
Protein: 4 g

Babybel's popular miniature cheeses are now available in variety packs. The brand just launched 18-count nets filled with eight original cheeses, five Monterey Jack cheeses, and five white cheddar cheeses. The new variety pack is now available for a suggested price of $11.29 at retailers like Walmart, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Meijer, and more.

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Beyond Meat Plant-Based Sausages

package of beyond sausage plant-based brat original links
Courtesy of Beyond Meat
Nutrition: Brat Original (Per Link):
Calories: 210
Fat: 13 g fat (Saturated Fat: 2 g)
Sodium: 460 mg
Carbs: 7 g (Fiber: 1 g Sugar: <1 g)
Protein: 17 g

Beyond Meat has expanded its selection of plant-based meat products with the addition of its fourth-generation Beyond Sausage. This is available in two flavors: Brat Original and Hot Italian-Style. The new products are made with avocado oil and have 66% less saturated fat than the previous version of Beyond Sausage. Additionally, the brand simplified the ingredients, with one change being the removal of coconut and canola oils. Customers can pick up a package of these new sausages at grocery stores nationwide.

Nestlé Toll House Triple Chip Mix

nestlé toll house triple chip mix
Courtesy of Nestlé Toll House
Nutrition: (Per 2 Tablespoons):
Calories: 70
Fat: 4 g fat (Saturated Fat: 3 g)
Sodium: 0 mg
Carbs: 9 g (Fiber: <1 g Sugar: 8 g)
Protein: <1 g

Nestlé Toll House is giving bakers even more ways to elevate their recipes with the release of its new Triple Chip Mix. Each bag includes the brand's premier white, semi-sweet chocolate, and dark chocolate morsels. The new chips are available nationwide for a suggested price of $5.29.

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Wholly Guacamole Extra Chunky Restaurant Style Guacamole

wholly guacamole extra chunky restaurant-style guacamole
Wholly Guacamole
Nutrition: (Per 2 Tablespoons):
Calories: 50
Fat: 4 g fat (Saturated Fat: 1 g)
Sodium: 130 mg
Carbs: 2 g (Fiber: 1 g Sugar: 0 g)
Protein: 0 g

Wholly Guacamole has set out to offer consumers the tableside guacamole experience at home. The ready-to-eat avocado product brand recently launched its Extra Chunky Restaurant Style Guacamole. The new dip is made with chunks of hand-scooped Hass avocados, tomatoes, red onions, cilantro, jalapeños, and other seasonings, which the brand says "give it a medium kick."

Customers can now purchase this new guacamole in 7.5-ounce and 15-ounce bowls and two-ounce minis, which are available in four- and six-packs. The product is available at multiple grocery retailers, including Kroger, Meijer, Food Lion, and more.

Dr. Praeger's Crunchy Stars & Veggie Burgers

dr. praeger's crunchy cauliflower veggie burgers, crunchy southwester sweet potato veggie burgers, smoky chipotle sweet potato veggie burgers, southwestern black bean crunchy stars, and bbq black bean & sweet potato slider patties
Courtesy of Dr. Praeger's
Nutrition: Southwestern Black Bean Crunchy Stars (Per 5 Stars):
Calories: 150
Fat: 3.5 g fat (Saturated Fat: 0 g)
Sodium: 470 mg
Carbs: 27 g (Fiber: 4 g Sugar: 2 g)
Protein: 4 g

Dr. Praeger's has grown its product portfolio with multiple new items. The frozen foods brand recently launched Southwestern Black Bean Crunchy Stars and BBQ Black Bean & Sweet Potato Slider Patties at 475 Target stores nationwide. The stars feature a combination of black beans and southwestern spices, while the slider patties are made with a blend of black beans, sweet potatoes, and smoky BBQ seasoning. Both products cost $6.29. Additionally, the brand recently introduced it Chipotle Sweet Potato Burger at 45 Costco locations across Texas.

Besides the new releases, Dr. Praeger's also expanded distribution for a couple of other products and now sells Crunchy Southwestern Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers at BJ's Wholesale Club stores nationwide, along with select Kroger and Albertsons locations. The Crunchy Cauliflower Veggie Burgers will be available at select Albertsons stores, too.

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Eggo Fully Loaded Waffles

eggo fully loaded chocolate chip brownie and strawberry delight waffles
Nutrition: Fully Loaded Chocolate Chip Brownie Waffles (Per 2 Waffles):
Calories: 170
Fat: 6 g fat (Saturated Fat: 2 g)
Sodium: 300 mg
Carbs: 22 g (Fiber: 2 g Sugar: 7 g)
Protein: 10 g

In May, Eggo introduced its "most protein-packed waffles ever." The brand's new Fully Loaded Waffles are made with 10 grams of protein per two waffles and come in two flavors: Chocolate Chip Brownie and Strawberry Delight. These waffles are now available at retailers nationwide. Customers can purchase a 10-count box for a suggested retail price of $5.99.

The new Eggo releases don't stop there. The brand also rolled out several other new products, including Cinnamon Churro Waffles, Chocolate Chip Belgian-Style Street Waffles, Thick & Fluffy Dark Chocolate Chip Waffles, and Mixed Berry Pancakes.

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Jell-O Girl Scout Cookie Pudding

jell-o coconut caramel and thin mint pudding cups
Courtesy of Kraft-Heinz
Nutrition information unavailable.

Jell-O has partnered with Girl Scouts for the launch of two new pudding cups, which are available in Thin Mint and Coconut Caramel cookie flavors. The pudding cups are sold in two-packs for $2.99 at retailers nationwide. These flavors are in a new pudding cup format, featuring pudding along with a mixable cookie crumble topping.

Welch's Craft Cocktails

welch's craft cocktails
Courtesy of Welch's
Nutrition information unavailable.

Known for its juices, jellies, and fruit snacks, Welch's is entering the boozy beverage space by releasing a new line of craft cocktails. These ready-to-drink cocktails contain 5.9% ABV and come in four flavors: Vodka Transfusion, Vodka Cranberry, Passion Fruit Mojito, and Watermelon Mule. The new drinks will be available at select retailers in single-flavor four-packs.

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Jif Peanut Butter & Chocolate Flavored Spread

box of jif's peanut butter chocolate spread to-go next to a jar of jif's peanut butter chocolate spread
Photo: Courtesy of Jif
Nutrition: (Per 2 Tablespoons):
Calories: 200
Fat: 15 g fat (Saturated Fat: 3.5 g)
Sodium: 85 mg
Carbs: 13 g (Fiber: 2 g Sugar: 10 g)
Protein: 5 g

Peanut butter and chocolate have united as Jif's biggest flavor innovation in nearly 10 years. According to the brand, the new Peanut Butter & Chocolate Flavored Sprea contains "50% less sugar than the leading hazelnut spread with cocoa." The product is available in 15-ounce jars and 1.1-ounce to-go cups

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Hot Ones Hot Sauces

bottles of hot ones hot sauces next to chicken wings
Nutrition: Buffalo Hot Sauce (Per 1 Teaspoon):
Calories: 0
Fat: 0 g fat
Sodium: 90 mg
Carbs: 0 g (Fiber: 0 g Sugar: 0 g)
Protein: 0 g

If you've ever found yourself craving one of the wings featured on the YouTube series Hot Ones, you can now score the hot sauces—like Los Calientes Verde and Buffalo—at grocery stores nationwide. Heatonist recently announced the release of Hot Ones hot sauces, which will be available at more than 30,000 distribution points, including Kroger, Harris Teeter, Publix, The Fresh Market, Giant Martins, Hannaford, World Market, Meijer, and Whole Foods. 

Before this nationwide launch, Hot Ones hot sauces were only available on Heatonist's website, at two New York City storefronts, and in select Walmart stores.

Jell-O Churro Delicioso & Mango Sabroso

packs of jell-o churro delicioso and mango sabroso
Kraft Heinz
Nutrition: Churro Delicioso Jell-O (Per 1 Pudding Cup):
Calories: 60
Fat: 1 g fat (Saturated fat: 1 g)
Sodium: 170 mg
Carbs: 10 g (Sugar: 0 g)
Protein: 1 g

For the first time in more than five years, Jell-O has dropped two new pudding flavors: Churro Delicioso and Mango Sabroso. According to the brand, the Churro Delicioso is inspired by the "booming popularity of churros." Meanwhile, the Mango Sabroso, which is Jell-O's first "fruit-forward refrigerated pudding cup," is inspired by "vibrant Hispanic flavors." Both new products have zero sugar and come in packs of four.

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Beyond Meat IV

woman holding beyond meat's plant-based burger patties at the grocery store
Courtesy of Beyond
Nutrition: Beyond Meat Plant-Based Patty (Per 1 Patty):
Calories: 230
Fat: 14 g fat (Saturated fat: 2 g)
Sodium: 310 mg
Carbs: 8 g (Sugar: 2 g)
Protein: 0 g

Beyond Meat's fourth-generation Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef products hit supermarkets nationwide this spring. Described as the "most significant renovation" in the company's history, these new items have multiple upgrades, including a simplified ingredient list, more protein, and 20% less sodium than the previous version. The company also reduced the saturated fat by 60% by swapping out coconut and canola oils for avocado oil. Plus, the items are made with additional plant-based ingredients like red lentils and faba bean protein.

    Texas Roadhouse Steak Sauces

    texas roadhouse's roadhouse gold sauce and classic steak sauces
    Photo: Texas Roadhouse
    Nutrition: Texas Roadhouse Classic Steak Sauce: (Per 1 Tablespoon):
    Calories: 20
    Fat: 0 g fat
    Sodium: 240 mg
    Carbs: 4 g (Sugar: 3 g)
    Protein: 0 g

    Texas Roadhouse has expanded its retail offerings with the launch of two steak sauces. There's the Roadhouse Gold, a smoky and tangy sauce, and the Classic Steak Sauce, a rich and bold variety. Packaged in 12-ounce bottles, both sauces are now available in grocery stores nationwide.

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    Pop-Tarts Crunchy Poppers

    boxes of pop-tarts crunchy poppers
    Nutrition: Frosted Brownie Crunch (Per 1 Pouch):
    Calories: 110
    Fat: 1.5 g (Saturated Fat: 1 g)
    Sodium: 100 mg
    Carbs: 22 g (Fiber: <1 g, Sugar: 9 g)
    Protein: <1 g

    Best known for its toaster pastries, Pop-Tarts recently rolled out new Crunchy Poppers—its first crunchy offering. These bite-sized snacks feature a crunchy exterior with a flavored filling and a layer of frosting and sprinkles. The new grocery item is available in two flavors: Frosted Brownie Crunch and Frosted Strawberry Crunch.

    The Crunchy Poppers are available at retailers nationwide for a suggested price of $3.99 per five-count box and $6.59 per 10-count box.

    Danone Remix

    danone remix products
    Courtesy of Danone North America
    Nutrition: Coco Almond Chocolate Oikos Remix (Per 1 Cup):
    Calories: 140
    Fat: 4 g (Saturated Fat: 1.5 g)
    Sodium: 60 mg
    Carbs: 16 g (Fiber: <1 g, Sugar: 13 g)
    Protein: 11 g

    In April, maker of Dannon yogurt products Danone North America launched Remix, a line of yogurt and dairy snacks featuring various mix-ins. The new line has offerings across three of the company's brands: Light + Fit, Oikos, and Too Good & Co.

    Under the Light + Fit brand, there are three Remix varieties: Strawberry Cheesecake, Key Lime, and Brownie Sundae. The Oikos options are available in Coco Almond Chocolate, S'mores, and Salted Caramel. The Too Good & Co. Remix offerings come in three varieties as well: Strawberry Dark Chocolate Almond, Banana Dark Chocolate Honey, and Blueberry Almond Oat Crisp.

    The Remix products are now available at many retailers like Kroger, Albertsons, Wakefern, Hannaford, Stop & Shop, and Meijer.

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    Pure Leaf Zero Sugar

    bottle of pure leaf zero sugar sweet tea
    Pure Leaf
    Nutrition: Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea (Per 1 Bottle):
    Calories: 0
    Fat: 0 g
    Sodium: 5 mg
    Carbs: 0 g (Sugar: 0 g)
    Protein: 0 g

    Pure Leaf is giving you a new way to enjoy sweet tea—but without the sugar. The brand's new Zero Sugar Sweet Tea is made with black tea and is free of artificial flavors, colors, concentrates, and preservatives. Additionally, each bottle has 0 calories and, as its name implies, 0 grams of sugar.

    Tabasco Buffalo-Style Sauce

    tabasco buffalo-style sauce
    Nutrition: Tabasco Buffalo Style Sauce (Per 1 Teaspoon):
    Calories: 0
    Fat: 0 g
    Sodium: 150 mg
    Carbs: 0 g (Fiber: 0 g Sugar: 0 g)
    Protein: 0 g

    Hot sauce fans just got another option. In March, Tabasco rolled out its new Buffalo-Style Sauce, which the brand describes as "tangy, garlicky, and savory with a splash of heat," thanks to cayenne, oak-aged pepper mash, and red jalapeño. Packaged in squeezable bottles, this new hot sauce is available at major retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

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    Applegate Farms Fully Cooked Sunday Bacon

    box of applegate fully cooked uncured sunday bacon
    Applegate Naturals
    Nutrition: Fully Cooked Sunday Bacon (Per 2 Slices):
    Calories: 70
    Fat: 5 g (Saturated Fat: 2)
    Sodium: 280 mg
    Carbs: 0 g (Fiber: 0 g Sugar: 0 g)
    Protein: 6 g

    At the beginning of April, Applegate Farms announced the launch of its Fully Cooked Sunday Bacon, which is shelf-stable before being opened and fully cooked. This means you can have your bacon without frying it. Simply pop the strips into the microwave for three minutes and enjoy. This new product is available for around $7.99 at retailers like Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Amazon.

    Unreal Chocolate Covered Pretzels & Almonds

    bag of unreal dark chocolate coconut-covered almonds and dark chocolat-covered pretzels
    Courtesy of Unreal
    Nutrition: Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Covered Almonds (Per 1 Ounce):
    Calories: 160
    Fat: 13 g (Saturated Fat: 5)
    Sodium: 5 mg
    Carbs: 10 g (Fiber: 3 g Sugar: 6 g)
    Protein: 4 g

    At the end of March, Unreal introduced four new chocolaty treats. These include milk and dark chocolate-covered pretzels, along with dark chocolate and dark chocolate coconut-covered almonds. The pretzels are grain- and gluten-free, while the almonds are certified vegan. All four of the new items are available on and Amazon. The chocolate-covered pretzels are also sold at Whole Foods.

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    Whisps Popped

    bags of whisps popped
    Courtesy of Whisps
    Nutrition: Whisps Popped Very Cheddar (About 16 Pieces):
    Calories: 170
    Fat: 14 g (Saturated Fat: 7)
    Sodium: 360 mg
    Carbs: 1 g (Fiber: 0 g Sugar: 0 g)
    Protein: 10 g

    Snack brand Whisps recently added another cheesy offering to its product portfolio: Popped. This new item is made with 100% real cheese and seasoned with more cheese. These come in three varieties: Very Cheddar, Perfectly Parmesan, and Jalapeño Popper. The new snack is sold at Costco, Walmart, and Albertsons for $5.99.

    Sargento Fun! Balanced Breaks & String Cheese

    sargento fun! balanced breaks snack packs
    Sargento Foods
    Nutrition: Sargento Fun! Balanced Breaks with Cocoa Teddy Grahams (Per 1 Tray):
    Calories: 210
    Fat: 10 g (Saturated Fat: 5)
    Sodium: 210 mg
    Carbs: 23 g (Fiber: 1 g Sugar: 11 g)
    Protein: 8 g

    Sargento recently added a few different offerings to the refrigerated snack space. One of these is its new Fun! Balanced Breaks line, which includes "mix-and-match" ingredients, such as cheese and cookies like Chips Ahoy! and Teddy Grahams.

    The brand also debuted two new string cheese varieties: Smokehouse Cheddar and Fiesta Pepper. All of these new products are now available at retailers nationwide.

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    Yasso Fruit Bars

    yasso frozen fruit bars
    Photo: Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt
    Nutrition: Yasso Strawberry Chocolate Crunch Bar (Per 2 Bars):
    Calories: 270
    Fat: 13 g (Saturated Fat: 11)
    Sodium: 85 mg
    Carbs: 32 g (Fiber: 1 g Sugar: 27 g)
    Protein: 8 g

    Frozen Greek yogurt brand Yasso recently expanded its dessert selection with the addition of three frozen fruit bars, all of which are made with real fruit. The new options include Strawberry Chocolate Crunch Bars, Strawberries & Cream Bars, and Creamy Mango Bars. These are available at select retailers nationwide.

    The Original Donut Shop Iced Refreshers K-Cup Pods

    the original donut shop box of strawberry acai refreshers next to a glass of the drink and k-cup pods
    Keurig Dr Pepper
    Nutrition: The Original Donut Shop Strawberry Acai Iced Refresher (Per 1 K-Cup Pod):
    Calories: 70
    Fat: 0 g
    Sodium: 0 mg
    Carbs: 17 g (Sugar: 16 g)
    Protein: 0 g

    Why go to Starbucks when you can make a refresher at home? That's the mindset of The Original Donut Shop, which launched new Iced Refresher K-Cup pods. Available in Strawberry Acai and Pineapple Passionfruit, these new pods are compatible with any Keurig brewer and are intended to be brewed over ice.

    You can purchase these pods on and every major retailer, both online and in-store.

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    White Claw Tequila Smash

    cans of white claw tequila smash
    White Claw
    Nutrition (Per 12 Fluid-Ounce Can):
    Calories: 100
    Fat: 0 g
    Carbs: 1 g
    Protein: 0 g

    White Claw has ventured into the tequila space with the release of a new canned cocktail: Tequila Smash. The brand's first-ever tequila drink is made with a blend of seltzer, tequila, real fruit juice, and blue agave nectar. The new beverage is available in Pineapple Passion Fruit, Mango Tamarind, Lime Prickly Pear, and Strawberry Guava. Each 12-fluid ounce can contains 5% ABV, 100 calories, and no added sugar. These canned cocktails are available in eight-can variety packs for a suggested price of $18.49 to $18.99.

    Starbucks' Ready-to-Drink Beverages

    starbucks' ready-to-drink beverage lineup
    Caramel Waffle Cookie Oatmilk Frappuccino Chilled Coffee Drink (Per Can)
    Calories: 270
    Fat: 4.5 g (0.5 g saturated fat)
    Carbs: 55 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 33 g)
    Protein: 2 g g

    Starbucks recently gave customers even more ready-to-drink offerings with the launch of its new chilled coffee drinks and cold brew options. The new Starbucks Oatmilk Frappuccino Chilled Coffee Drink comes in two flavors: Caramel Waffle Cookie and Dark Chocolate Brownie. These are available for a suggested price of $3.99.

    For the cold brew fans, the coffee chain just dropped three new canned cold brew flavors, which are sold in 12-fluid ounce cans. Priced at around $3.59, the new options include Vanilla Sweet Cream, Chocolate Cream, and Salted Caramel Cream.

    If you're looking to stock up, there are also two new multi-serve bottles of cold brew: Oatmilk Brown Sugar and Salted Caramel Cream. These are available in 40-ounce bottles priced at around $6.29.

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    Kraft Natural Cheese Signature Shreds

    bags of kraft signature shredded cheese blends
    Nutrition (Per 1/4 Cup Cheddar Blend):
    Calories: 100
    Fat: 8 g (Saturated Fat: 5 g)
    Sodium: 170 mg
    Carbs: 1 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 0 g)
    Protein: 6 g

    In March, Kraft Natural Cheese rolled out Kraft Signature Shreds, a new product innovation available in three varieties: Cheddar Blend, Mozzarella Blend, and Mexican Blend. Packaged in eight-ounce bags, each blend combines Kraft cheeses with a "special, premium whole-milk mozzarella" developed by Lactalis for use in restaurants. The new cheeses are now available at retailers nationwide.

    Dove Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Promises

    bag of dove milk chocolate tiramisu flavored caramel
    Courtesy of Dove Chocolate
    Nutrition (Per 4 Pieces):
    Calories: 160
    Fat: 9 g (Saturated Fat: 5 g)
    Sodium: 35 mg
    Carbs: 19 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 17 g)
    Protein: 2 g

    Coffee, chocolate, and caramel have come together in one new dessert-inspired treat. Dove Chocolate recently expanded its Promises line with the launch of its Milk Chocolate Tiramisu Caramel Promises. Packaged in a stand-up pouch, this new item features a tiramisu-flavored caramel center covered in milk chocolate. The new candy is now available at retailers nationwide.

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    Dave's Killer Bread Rock 'N' Rolls

    package of dave's killer bread rolls
    Dave's Killer Bread
    Nutrition (Per 1 Roll):
    Calories: 110
    Fat: 2.5 g (Saturated Fat: 0 g)
    Sodium: 230 mg
    Carbs: 19 g (Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 3 g)
    Protein: 5 g

    In March, Dave's Killer Bread dropped its first-ever nationally available roll. Packaged in 12-count bags, the new Rock 'N' Rolls are certified USDA organic, non-GMO, and free of artificial ingredients, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, high-fructose corn syrup, and bleached flour. The new rolls will be available nationwide at select grocery stores and on Amazon. You can pick up a package for a suggested price of $6.99.

    Reese's Baking Mixes

    boxes of reese's lava cake mix, muffin mix, and no bake bars mix
    Courtesy of General Mills
    Nutrition (Per 1/3 Cup Muffin Mix):
    Calories: 250
    Fat: 6 g (Saturated Fat: 3 g)
    Sodium: 520 mg
    Carbs: 44 g (Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 25 g)
    Protein: 5 g

    Peanut butter and chocolate fans now have not one, not two, but three new ways to enjoy this iconic flavor combination. Reese's recently joined forces with Betty Crocker for the rollout of three new baking mixes that are available nationwide. The Betty Crocker-branded mixes include Reese's Lava Cake Mix, Reese's Peanut Butter Muffin Mix, and Reese's Peanut Butter No Bake Bars Mix.

    The Reese's Lava Cake Mix is a limited-time offering, while the other two mixes are permanent additions to the Betty Crocker lineup.

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    Canada Dry Fruit Splash

    can of canada dry fruit splash
    Courtesy of Canada Dry
    Nutrition (Per 1 12-Fluid Ounce Can):
    Calories: 140
    Fat: 0 g
    Sodium: 50 mg
    Carbs: 37 g (Sugar: 36 g)
    Protein: 0 g

    Canada Dry has expanded its flavor offerings with the debut of Canada Dry Fruit Splash. This new beverage features cherry-flavored ginger ale with a splash of real fruit juice.

    Offered in regular and zero-sugar varieties, Canada Dry Fruit Splash is now available nationwide. Customers can purchase a 12-pack of 12-ounce bottles for around $7.99. Additionally, 20-ounce bottles are available on a regional basis.

    Topo Chico Non-Alcoholic Mixers

    bottles of topo chico mixers, including tonic water, ginger beer, and club soda
    Courtesy of Topo Chico
    Nutrition: Ginger Beer (Per Bottle):
    Calories: 90
    Fat: 0 g
    Sodium: 30 mg
    Carbs: 23 g (0 g fiber, 23 g sugar)
    Protein: 0 g

    If you're looking for a new cocktail mixer, Topo Chico's got you covered. The sparkling beverage brand released a new line of non-alcoholic mixers, which are available in three flavors: Ginger Beer, Tonic Water, and Club Soda. You can purchase these mixers in four-packs of 7.1-ounce glass bottles for a suggested price of $6.79.

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    Tate's Cookies

    bags of tate's new salted caramel chocolate chip cookies and tiny snickerdoodle cookies
    Courtesy of Tate's Bake Shop
    Nutrition: Tiny Chocolate Chip Cookies (Per 17 cookies):
    Calories: 150
    Fat: 8 g (Saturated Fat: 4.5 g)
    Sodium: 170 mg
    Carbs: 19 g (Fiber: <1 g, Sugar: 10 g)
    Protein: 2 g

    In March, Tate's announced the addition of four new sweet treats. If you're looking for an on-the-go snack, the brand now has Tiny Tate's, which are miniature cookies available in chocolate chip and snickerdoodle varieties. These are packaged in 5.5-ounce resealable bags.

    Cookie fans can also sink their teeth into new, full-sized snickerdoodle cookies, as well as salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. The salted caramel chocolate chip variety first launched as a limited-edition offering in 2023, while the snickerdoodle flavor is debuting for the first time ever.

    All four of these cookie products are available at Safeway/Albertsons, Publix, Whole Foods, Walmart, and ShopRite.

    Frank's RedHot Condiments

    bottles of frank's redhot dip'n sauces and squeeze sauces
    Courtesy of Frank's RedHot
    Nutrition: Buffalo Ranch Dip 'n Sauce (Per 2 Tablespoons):
    Calories: 90
    Fat: 8 g (Saturated Fat: 1.5 g)
    Sodium: 450 mg
    Carbs: 4 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 2 g)
    Protein: 0 g

    Spicy food fans now have even more ways to pack their dishes with flavor, thanks to the release of two new Frank's RedHot product lines. First, there's the Dip 'n Sauce line, which includes three milder sauce flavors packaged in 12-ounce bottles. These are geared toward dipping, dunking, and spreading onto sandwiches. The three flavor options include Buffalo Ranch, Roasted Garlic, and Golden.

    The second new product selection is the Squeeze Sauce line, which features three sauce options in squeezable 12-ounce bottles. The bottle's pointed nozzle ensures "a smooth, controlled drizzle that adds a touch of heat and flavor to your foods," according to the brand. The sauce flavors include Sriracha, Hot Honey, and Creamy Buffalo.

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    Ritz Sweet Habanero & Honey BBQ Toasted Chips

    bags of ritz sweet habanero and honey bbq toasted chips
    Photo: Courtesy of Walmart
    Nutrition: Sweet Habanero (Per 13 Chips):
    Calories: 150 calories
    Fat: 6 g (Saturated Fat: 1.5 g)
    Sodium: 240 mg
    Carbs: 22 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 3 g)
    Protein: 2 g

    This popular snack brand recently expanded its product portfolio with the addition of two new toasted chip flavors: Sweet Habanero and Honey BBQ. The two new chip offerings are available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

    Sprinter Canned Cocktails

    sprinter canned cocktails
    Nutrition (Per 1 Can):
    Calories: 100

    Reality TV star Kylie Jenner has ventured into the boozy beverage space with a new canned cocktail: Sprinter. Made with premium vodka, sparkling water, and fruit juice, this canned cocktail comes in four flavors: black cherry, peach, grapefruit, and lime. Each can is 100 calories and contains 4.5% ABV. Customers can purchase the drinks in eight-can variety packs for $19.99.

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    Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream

    häagen dazs new york strawberry cheesecake and vanilla caramel pecan ice cream
    Courtesy of Häagen-Dazs
    Nutrition: New York Strawberry Cheesecake (Per 2/3 Cup Serving):
    Calories: 300 calories
    Fat: 12 g (Saturated Fat: 12 g, Trans Fat: 0.5 g)
    Sodium: 105 mg
    Carbs: 44 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 24 g)
    Protein: 4 g

    In February, Häagen-Dazs announced the launch of two new ice cream flavors for the first time since 2022. One of these is Vanilla Caramel Pecan, which is vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and caramelized toasted pecans. The other is New York Strawberry Cheesecake, which features creamy cheesecake ice cream, sweet strawberry sauce, and soft spiced graham cracker pieces.

    Both new flavors are available at select locations in 14-ounce containers for around $6.49.

    In addition to these two new ice cream flavors, Häagen-Dazs recently debuted Chocolate Cookie Crumble and Dulce de Leche ice cream bars, along with mini Vanilla Milk Chocolate ice cream bars.

    Oatly Oat Milk & Creamers

    oatly unsweetened oat milk and super basic oat milk
    Nutrition: Unsweetened Oat Milk (Per 1 Cup):
    Calories: 40
    Fat: 1.5 g (Saturated Fat: 0 g)
    Sodium: 115 mg
    Carbs: 6 g (Fiber: <1 g, Sugar: 0 g)
    Protein: 0 g

    The world's largest oat drink company rolled out a few new products this year, including oat milk and creamers. The newest oat milks come in two varieties: Unsweetened and "Super Basic." As its name implies, the unsweetened oat milk has zero sugar. Meanwhile, the Super Basic variety is made with just four ingredients: water, oats, sea salt, and citrus zest fiber—an upcycled ingredient that "provides great texturizing and stabilization capabilities," according to Oatly. Both milk alternatives are sold in 64-ounce cartons for a suggested price of $5.99.

    Also new to Oatly are four creamers: Sweet & Creamy, Vanilla, Caramel, and Mocha. These are packaged in 29.7-fluid ounce bottles and cost around $5.99.

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    Goodles Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese

    goodles gluten-free cheddar mac & vegan be heroes
    Nutrition: Gluten-Free Cheddy Mac (About 1 Cup):
    Calories: 350
    Fat: 5 g (Saturated Fat: 2.5 g)
    Sodium: 660 mg
    Carbs: 59 g (Fiber: 4 g, Sugar: 8 g)
    Protein: 14 g

    Goodles, the brand known for its better-for-you mac and cheese, has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of its first gluten-free offerings. These include Cheddy Mac and Vegan Be Heroes, with the vegan option featuring a cheddar cheese made from cashew milk.

    Both mac and cheese options are available for a suggested price of $4.19. You can buy these on Goodles' website, Amazon, or at select retailers like Whole Foods.

    Ghirardelli Brownie Cookie Bar Baking Mix

    ghirardelli brownie cookie bar mix
    Nutrition: Per Serving (Per 1/15 Package):
    Calories: 130
    Fat: 2.5 g (Saturated Fat: 1 g)
    Sodium: 130 mg
    Carbs: 25 g (Fiber: <1 g, Sugar: 16 g)
    Protein: 1 g

    Cookies or brownies? Ghirardelli said, "Why not both?" with the rollout of its new brownie cookie bar mix. The package already includes Ghirardelli chocolate chips, so you'll just need to supply the butter, water, oil, and an egg. Pour the mix into an 8×8 pan, bake as directed, and enjoy! The mix sells for a suggested price of $3.99 and is available nationwide at Walmart and Kroger.

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    Yoplait Protein

    Yoplait Protein
    General Mills
    Nutrition: Vanilla Flavor (Per 1 Container):
    Calories: 100
    Fat: 1.5 g (Saturated Fat: 1 g)
    Sodium: 50 mg
    Carbs: 5 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 3 g)
    Protein: 15 g

    With 15 grams of protein and three grams of sugar, Yoplait's new protein variety is the brand's "highest protein and lowest sugar offering to date," according to the company. Appealing to various taste preferences, the new item is available in several flavors, including vanilla, strawberry, mixed berry, strawberry banana, peach, cherry, strawberry cheesecake, and key lime pie.

    Yoplait fans can snag a cup for $1.19, though the price can vary. They can also purchase one-pound tubs.

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    Lay's Sweet & Spicy Honey

    lay's sweet & spicy honey potato chips
    Nutrition: Per Serving (About 15 Chips):
    Calories: 150 calories,
    Fat: 10 g (Saturated Fat: 1.5 g)
    Sodium: 140 mg
    Carbs: 16 g (Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 2 g)
    Protein: 2 g

    From fast-food items to grocery products, hot honey has been having a moment over the last couple of years. And Lay's clearly took note of this sweet and spicy—aka "swicy"—food trend. In February, the potato chip giant introduced its new Sweet & Spicy Honey flavor, which is available on and at retailers nationwide.

    Potato chip fans can score this new flavor in 2.625-ounce bags for around $2.49 or 7.75-ounce bags for around $4.79.

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    Tillamook Chocolate Collection

    tillamook chocolate ice cream collection
    Courtesy of Tillamook
    Nutrition: Brownie Batter (Per 2/3 Cup Serving):
    Calories: 220
    Fat: 12 g (Saturated Fat: 7 g)
    Sodium: 80 mg
    Carbs: 27 g (Fiber: 5 g, Sugar: 22 g)
    Protein: 5 g

    Calling all chocolate lovers! In February, Tillamook unveiled four new chocolaty ice cream flavors, which are all made with 45% more cocoa than Tillamook's classic chocolate ice cream, according to the brand. The new flavors include Brownie Batter, Dark Chocolate Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Hazelnut, and German Chocolate Cake. Chocolate fans can purchase these flavors at grocery chains across the U.S.

    Kraft Singles

    new caramelized onion, jalapeño, and garlic herb kraft singles
    Courtesy of Kraft Heinz
    Nutrition: Garlic & Herb (Per 1 Slice):
    Calories: 50
    Fat: 3.5 g (Saturated Fat: 2 g)
    Sodium: 220 mg
    Carbs: 2 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 1 g)
    Protein: 3 g

    Grilled cheese, anyone? For the first time in nearly 10 years, Kraft introduced three new Singles flavors in January. These include Jalapeño, Garlic & Herb, and Caramelized Onion.

    "In response to U.S. cheese consumers' growing interest in exploring new flavors, our research identified that bold profiles like spicy (Jalapeño), garlicky (Garlic & Herb), and savory (Caramelized Onion) have the highest appeal," a Kraft spokesperson previously told Eat This, Not That!

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    Reese's Cluster Bites

    reese's cluster bites
    Courtesy of Hershey
    Nutrition: Per Serving (Per 4 Pieces):
    Calories: 160
    Fat: 10 g (Saturated Fat: 3.5 g)
    Sodium: 45 mg
    Carbs: 16 g (Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 3 g)
    Protein: 3 g

    Reese's brought chocolate and peanut butter together once again in a brand-new format: Cluster Bites. Packaged in seven-ounce pouches, this new item consists of creamy peanut butter, smooth caramel, and crunchy peanuts covered in chocolate. The sweet treat is now available at retailers nationwide, as well as on the Hershey's website.

    San Pellegrino Zero Sugar

    san pellegrino zero added sugar
    San Pellegrino
    Nutrition: Blood Orange (Per 1 Can):
    Calories: 20
    Fat: 0 g
    Sodium: 30 mg
    Carbs: 7 g (Sugar: 3 g)
    Protein: 0 g

    San Pellegrino gave its Italian sparkling drinks a twist by debuting a line of beverages made without added sugar. Each can contains between one and four grams of sugar from fruit juice and a maximum of 20 calories, with these numbers varying by flavor. Flavor options include Blood Orange, Lemonade, Peach & Clementine, and Pomegranate & Orange.

    These zero-sugar drinks hit Costco warehouses nationwide in January before landing at additional U.S. retailers for a suggested price of $6.99 per six-can pack.

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    Pipcorn Honey BBQ Twists

    pipcorn honey barbeque twists
    Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks
    Nutrition: Per Serving (Per 1 oz.):
    Calories: 120
    Fat: 5 g(Saturated Fat: 0.5 g)
    Sodium: 290 mg
    Carbs: 18 g (Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 2 g)
    Protein: 1 g

    If you're looking for a healthier honey-flavored snack, corn-snacking brand Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks released Honey BBQ Twists. Like the other products in the Twists line, these are made with heirloom corn flour. The item will be available in about 25,000 distribution points across the U.S., including Sprouts, Whole Foods, Target, Wegmans, Giant, Natural Grocers, Fresh Market, Fresh Thyme, and other independent retailers.

    White Claw Zero Alcohol Seltzer

    white claw zero alcohol
    White Claw
    Nutrition: Black Cranberry Cherry (Per 1 Can):
    Calories: 15
    Fat: 0 g
    Sodium: 65 mg
    Carbs: 5 g (Sugar: 2 g)
    Protein: 0 g

    White Claw is best known for its hard seltzer. But the brand shook things up with its new nonalcoholic offering: White Claw O% Alcohol. The product features "hydrating electrolytes," as well as a "fraction of the sugar and calories" found in some leading sports drinks, according to the beverage brand.

    Flavor options include Black Cherry Cranberry, Mango Passion Fruit, Peach Orange Blossom, and Lime Yuzu. Seltzer fans can purchase these in 12-packs and single-flavor six-packs.

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    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

    ben & jerry's impretzively fudged pb s'more ice cream
    Ben & Jerry's
    Nutrition: PB S'More (Per 2/3 Cup Serving):
    Calories: 390
    Fat: 23 g (Saturated Fat: 14 g, Trans Fat: 0.5 g)
    Sodium: 260 mg
    Carbs: 42 g (Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 32 g)
    Protein: 6 g

    At the beginning of January, Ben & Jerry's expanded its non-dairy offerings with its new Strawberry Cheezecake ice cream. This product features strawberry cheesecake-flavored non-dairy frozen dessert with a thick graham cracker swirl. Each pint costs around $5.49 to $6.99.

    A few weeks later, the ice cream giant released additional ice cream flavors: PB S'More and Impretzively Fudged. Crafted to be a "riff on the classic campfire dessert," PB S'More consists of toasted marshmallow ice cream with peanut butter cups, graham cracker pieces, and marshmallow swirls. For a sweet and salty treat, Impretzively Fudged has chocolate ice cream, fudge-covered pretzel pieces, and pretzel swirls. Both pints cost around $4.99 to $6.99.

    Planet Oat Barista Lover's Oat Milk

    planet oat barista lover's oat milk
    Planet Oat
    Nutrition (Per 1 Cup):
    Calories: 150
    Fat: 8 g (Saturated Fat: 1 g)
    Sodium: 100 mg
    Carbs: 19 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 3 g)
    Protein: 2 g

    Earlier this year, Planet Oat expanded its product portfolio with the release of a new item: Barista Lover's Oat Milk. Described as "the brand's most velvety smooth oat milk ever," this product is "designed to blend and whiten like dairy milk" and "is great for frothing and steaming," according to Planet Oat.

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    Cheez-It Extra Crunchy

    cheez-it crunchy crackers
    Nutrition: Extra Crunchy Bold Cheddar Crackers (About 25 pieces):
    Calories: 140
    Fat: 6 g (Saturated Fat: 1.5 g)
    Sodium: 260 mg
    Carbs: 20 g (Fiber: <1 g, Sugar: 0 g)
    Protein: 2 g

    Cheez-It is bringing the crunch factor with two new product additions. At the beginning of January, Kellanova, Cheez-It's parent company, announced the launch of Cheez-It Extra Crunchy. Described as "the brand's crunchiest crackers," this new snack innovation comes in Bold Cheddar and Snap'd Sharp White Cheddar.

    Diana's White Chocolate Cinnamon Granola Crunch and Dark Chocolate Caramel Crunch Banana Bites

    diana's new banana bites
    Courtesy of Diana's
    Nutrition: White Chocolate Cinnamon Granola Crunch (Per 3 Pieces):
    Calories: 90
    Fat: 4 g (Saturated Fat: 2 g)
    Sodium: 10 mg
    Carbs: 13 g (Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 9 g)
    Protein: 10 g

    Bananas and chocolate are a beloved flavor combination, and in January, Diana's dropped even more ways to enjoy this by launching new flavors of its popular Banana Bites.

    The new White Chocolate Cinnamon Granola Crunch features frozen banana slices covered in a white chocolate and cinnamon coating and topped with crunchy gluten-free granola. Meanwhile, dark chocolate fans can sink their teeth into the Dark Chocolate Caramel Crunch, which consists of frozen banana slices covered in 70% dark chocolate and crunchy caramel bits.

    These new frozen treats are available at select retailers nationwide, including Sprouts and Ahold Delhaize, with more to come.

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    Califia Farms Complete Plant-Based Milk

    califia farms complete plant-based milk
    Califia Farms
    Nutrition: Per Serving (1/2 Cup):
    Calories: 130
    Fat: 6 g (Saturated Fat: 0.5 g)
    Sodium: 115 mg
    Carbs: 7 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 6 g)
    Protein: 8 g

    Joining Califia Farms' selection of dairy-free milks is its new Complete plant-based milk, which is "nutritionally comparable to dairy," according to the brand. Each one-ounce serving contains the same amount or more of nine essential nutrients found in an eight-ounce serving of dairy milk. These nutrients include protein, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and riboflavin. Available nationwide for a suggested price of $6.69, this new plant-based milk is made from a blend of pea, chickpea, and fava bean protein.

    A few other recent Califia Farms additions include the Coconut Barista Blend and Organic Oat Barista Blend. The brand also rolled out new almond creamers, which are available in three flavors: lavender, vanilla, and brown sugar.

    Oreo Cookies, Cakesters, & Baking Mixes

    gluten free golden oreos & oreo peanut butter cakesters
    Nutrition: Gluten-Free Golden Oreos (Per 3 cookies):
    Calories: 160
    Fat: 7 g (Saturated Fat: 2 g)
    Sodium: 110 mg
    Carbs: 25 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 13 g)
    Protein: <1 g

    Oreo is famous for releasing new flavors, and the cookie brand kicked off 2024 with the launch of two permanent items: Gluten-Free Golden Oreos and Oreo Peanut Butter Cakesters.

    Then, for the bakers, Betty Crocker teamed up with Oreo for the release of a new baking line, which is complete with four baking mixes and Oreo creme-flavored frosting. The baking mix options include Oreo Brownie, Chocolate Cake, Lava Cake, and White Cake. The mixes cost about $4.22, while the frosting is about $2.98.

    Additionally, in March, Oreo introduced a few other new items, including Tiramisu Thins and a line of mint-flavored frozen treats.

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    Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo

    cheetos crunchy buffalo
    Frito-Lay North America
    Nutrition: Per Serving (About 21 Chips):
    Calories: 150
    Fat: 10 g (Saturated Fat: 1.5 g)
    Sodium: 150 mg
    Carbs: 16 g (Fiber: <1 g fiber, Sugar: <1 g)
    Protein: 2 g

    In January, Cheetos and buffalo sauce came together for the launch of a new spicy snack: Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo. Featuring the tanginess of the beloved wing sauce, this new crunchy snack is available in 8.5-ounce bags.

    Kellogg's Eat Your Mouth Off Cereal

    kelloggs eat your mouth off cereal
    WK Kellogg Co
    Nutrition: Chocolate-Flavored Cereal (Per 1.25 Cup Serving):
    Calories: 180
    Fat: 9 g (Saturated Fat: 1.5 g)
    Sodium: 300 mg
    Carbs: 7 g (Fiber: 5 g, Sugar: 0 g)
    Protein: 22 g

    Kellogg's started off 2024 by dropping a new plant-based, vegan cereal. Designed to be "so delicious, you'll want to 'Eat Your Mouth Off,'" this new cereal line boasts 22 grams of plant-based protein and zero grams of sugar per serving and is available in two flavors: Fruity and Chocolate. Is it a strange name for a cereal? Sure is, but don't knock it till you've tried it.

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    Liquid Death Drink Mix

    liquid death death dust
    Courtesy of Liquid Death
    Nutrition: Per Serving (1 Stick):
    Calories: 35
    Fat: 0 g
    Sodium: 300 mg
    Carbs: 0 g (Fiber: 0 g, Sugar: 8 g)
    Protein: 0 g

    Beverage company Liquid Death expanded its offerings in February with the launch of its new electrolyte drink mix, Death Dust. Geared toward recovery, this new product contains vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, and B12, along with key minerals, including sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

    Liquid Dust is currently available in three flavors: Severed Lime, Mango Chainsaw, and Convicted Melon. Each package is 35 calories and lightly sweetened with cane sugar and dextrose. Customers can purchase a 12-pack of these electrolyte powders on Amazon.

    Hippeas Flavor Blast Chickpea Puffs

    hippeas vegan white cheddar explosion and blazin' hot flavor blast chickpea puffs
    Nutrition: Vegan White Cheddar Explosion (Per 28 g):
    Calories: 130
    Fat: 6 g (Saturated Fat: 0.5 g)
    Sodium: 270 mg
    Carbs: 18 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 1 g)
    Protein: 3 g

    For a healthier alternative to traditional cheese puffs, Hippeas offers chickpea-based snacks in several different flavors, including two new ones: Vegan White Cheddar Explosion and Blazin' Hot. Both varieties have three to four grams of protein and two grams of fiber per one-ounce serving. Customers can purchase these chickpea puffs on Hippeas' website, Amazon, and at select retailers like Sprouts.

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    Justin's Chocolate Candy Pieces

    justin's dark chocolate candy pieces
    Nutrition: Dark Chocolate Peanut Candy Pieces (Per 1 Ounce):
    Calories: 160
    Fat: 10 g (Saturated Fat: 4 g)
    Sodium: 15 mg
    Carbs: 15 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 12 g)
    Protein: 2 g

    If you're a fan of peanut M&M's, Justin's launched a better-for-you alternative: Chocolate Candy Pieces. Available in two varieties, peanut and peanut butter, these new sweet treats are USDA certified organic, non-GMO, and use Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa.

    You can purchase a 4.5-ounce package for around $6.49 or a single-serve, 1.5-ounce bag for about $2.29. This new item is currently available at Whole Foods, the Fresh Market, Stop & Shop, and on Amazon, with additional national distribution to come.

    Smirnoff Smash Vodka Soda

    smirnoff smash vodka soda
    Courtesy of Smirnoff
    Nutrition information unavailable.

    Smirnoff made another appearance in the canned cocktail space with the debut of its Smash Vodka Soda. The new ready-to-drink offering is sold in variety packs featuring four flavors: Watermelon Lime, Pineapple Orange, Raspberry Peach, and Strawberry Dragon Fruit. The brand's 12-packs are available for a suggested price of $17.99, while the six-packs are around $8.99.

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    KIND Protein Max Bars

    kind protein max bars
    Nutrition: Crispy Chocolate Peanut Butter (Per 1 Bar):
    Calories: 250
    Fat: 14 g (Saturated Fat: 5 g)
    Sodium: 200 mg
    Carbs: 23 g (Fiber: 9 g fiber, Sugar: 1 g)
    Protein: 20 g

    KIND's latest snack bar additions are geared toward peanut butter lovers, as they both have peanuts listed as the first ingredient. Available in Crispy Chocolate Peanut Butter and Sweet & Salty Caramel Peanut Crisp, KIND's new Protein Max Bars have 20 grams of protein and one gram of sugar per bar. Plus, the brand notes that the product "strikes a keto-friendly combination of net carbs, protein, and sugar."

    Chosen Foods Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

    chosen foods chocolate hazelnut spread
    Chosen Foods
    Nutrition (Per 2 Tablespoons):
    Calories: 170
    Fat: 13 g (Saturated Fat: 1.5 g)
    Sodium: 10 mg
    Carbs: 17 g (Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 12 g)
    Protein: 3 g

    If you're looking for a healthier alternative to Nutella, avocado oil brand Chosen Foods recently rolled out its new Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, which is made with avocado oil instead of palm oil. Additionally, this product has 40% less sugar than the leading brand and lists hazelnuts as the first ingredient.

    Customers can purchase this item on Chosen Foods' website for $12.99. The item also recently hit Sprouts Farmers Markets.

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