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This is the Fastest Way to Grocery Shop

Make every grocery trip faster and easier with these tips.
This is the Fastest Way to Grocery Shop

We all know grocery shopping isn’t rocket science. But that doesn’t mean we’ve never had a simple trip to the store turn into an expensive and time-consuming ordeal. (How many times have you stepped out of the store over an hour later and down a significant portion of your paycheck?)

If you’re looking to cut down on on your shopping time, lucky for you, we’ve discovered a way to make the process healthier, faster, and more cost-effective. No meal plan apps and delivery services required.

Make a List

For those who prefer the fluorescent-lit aisles of a traditional grocery store, it all starts with a list; make sure you’ve actually written your list down, not just committed it to memory for the best results. In fact, research published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior reveals that low-income individuals living in food deserts who went to the grocery store with a shopping list every time not only chose healthier foods, but had lower BMIs on average than those who only used a list occasionally.

Shop the Perimeter

Once you’re there, to save time and stick to your healthy eating plan, skip the center of the store. The middle of the grocery store is where you’ll find convenience foods, desserts, and other high-cost impulse buys with low nutritional value. On the other hand, the perimeter of the grocery store is where fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy are generally stocked. These are the items that are higher in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than those in the store’s center aisles.

The result? You’ll save time, money, and you might even make it out of the store before that Muzak version of “Lady in Red” comes on a second time. Before you hit the grocery store again, make sure you’ve got our 46 Best Supermarket Shopping Tips committed to memory—or, better yet, keep the list handy.

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