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The 3 Best Fruits to Eat to Beat Bloat

Belly feeling a bit rounder than usual? Fix it with food!

Ever notice how some days you wake up feeling fitter and flatter, while on other days, your belly seems enormous? While many sneaky culprits can cause a bloated stomach—including healthy staples such as apples, onions, and broccoli—there are ways to naturally combat your growing gut. Skip the over-the-counter charcoal tabs and anti-gas chewables and try noshing on a fruit salad the night before. Since not all produce is endowed with de-puffing powers, we've hand-selected the top tummy tamers below.

These bloat-beating fruits contain specific enzymes that fight pesky water retention and help you show off your hard-earned abs. To wake up slim and sexy, combine our three best fruits for bloat below into a fruit salad and fork into it for a post-dinner dessert. And if you're seeking more ways to get trim and toned, don't miss our exclusive report, 14 Ways To Lose Your Belly In 14 Days.

Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon

Not only does the honeyed, green flesh make for a delicious snack, melon can also help you flush the excess H2O. Since honeydew melons contain about 90 percent water, they act as a diuretic to help you naturally flush out any excess water and salt your belly may be holding on to. Plus, just one cup of the diced fruit contains 388 milligrams of sodium-fighting potassium, which will further help you maintain your fluid balance as well as reduce high blood pressure.

Looking to incorporate this superstar into your diet more often? Try cubing the melon and tossing it into a summer salad or cut it into chunks and top over a probiotic-packed parfait. The fiber in the melon will feed the good bacteria in the yogurt, helping to regulate your microbiome and further flatten your gut!


Pineapple chunks

Who knew that our default beachside snack is also a rockstar when it comes to parting with the pufferfish belly? The fruit and stem of a pineapple contain an anti-inflammatory enzyme called bromelain that helps break down proteins that usually cause bloat. While you can pop this enzyme in pill form, choosing to get it from fruit may be your best bet. According to Samford University, the bromelain in plant sources may be more effective because it remains active over a broader pH range, which helps the enzyme do its job—even in an acidic environment like your stomach.



Papaya also contains a digestion-aiding enzyme, papain, which can help you squeeze into your slacks that much easier. This inflammation-fighting compound helps break down proteins in your belly and relieve your GI tract of any uncomfortable symptoms. When throwing the exotic fruit into a blender or slicing it for a salad, make sure you don't toss out its seeds! According to a study in the Journal of Medicinal Food, the oft-overlooked seeds can protect your intestinal tract by fighting off invading parasites. Guilty of enjoying sashimi one-too-many nights a week? You may want to start noshing on papaya more often.

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