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Get Rid of Morning Breath Fast With These Pro Tips, Says Dentist

Waking up in the AM is about to get so much better.

Mornings can be oh-so-cozy. You may be comfy after enjoying a good night's sleep, happy you have just the right amount of blankets to cuddle underneath, and ready to roll over and greet your significant other with a smile. You quickly realize by the horror on your partner's face that the birds aren't chirping, the sun stopped shining, and you want to crawl under those covers, because you clearly have dreaded, horrible, cringe-worthy morning breath. Eek! We're here to save your mornings and help you get rid of morning breath fast with some easy pro tips to work into your routine. Listen up, because waking up in the AM is about to get so much sweeter. Get ready to kiss that bad breath goodbye, and next, be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

The accumulation of sulfur-producing bacteria in your mouth is the culprit

woman smelling partner's bad breath in bed, get rid of morning breath fast

In order to get rid of morning breath fast, it's first important to understand what actually causes bad breath in the AM, so let's get into it. We reached out to Dr. Rashi Gupta, DMD + Better & Better's Resident Dentist, who explains, "Worse than coffee breath or garlic breath, morning breath is due to the accumulation of sulfur-producing bacteria all night. Saliva usually flushes away the bacteria throughout the day, but at night, the bacteria increase, leading to a distinct odor in the morning." Some individuals who smoke, have dry mouth, or suffer from gum disease are prone to unpleasant scents.

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Keep your mouth clean and fresh with these pro tips

woman using tongue scraper demonstrating how to get rid of morning breath

It's imperative to take certain steps to keep your mouth clean, fresh, and welcoming. Here are some pro tips from Dr. Gupta:

  • If you wear a mouth guard or retainer, be sure to do a thorough job cleaning them regularly.
  • Have a routine in place each evening using a toothpaste that fights dry mouth and supports mouth moisture.
  • Always buy a toothpaste that includes xylitol and is SLS-free.
  • Every morning, floss, brush your teeth, and rinse.
  • Purchase a tongue scraper, and be sure to clean your tongue with it each time you brush.
  • If you're unable to brush your teeth, there are some foods that help freshen up your mouth. Mint leaves are great, as well as cherries, apples, melons, and citrusy foods.

If you're experiencing an underlying health issue, your breath won't improve by simply brushing

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Keep in mind that if there's an underlying health issue, your breath won't improve by simply practicing good oral hygiene. Dr. Gupta explains, "It could be a sign of gum disease going undiagnosed." If that's the case, schedule a visit with your dentist who will examine your mouth and deal with any prevalent issues that need to be taken care of.

Choose the right products

Better & Better Energy Toothpaste
Better & Better

As far as products to use, Dr. Gupta suggests, "Personally, I am obsessed with Better & Better. The Energy toothpaste is infused with vitamins B12 and D3 for a boost—it's super interesting because your mouth absorbs vitamins faster than taking a pill." She adds, "It is also fluoride and SLS free, vegan, gluten-free, and has all the good stuff. They also have vegetable wax floss which has jojoba oil—that's really fun!"

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