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Julie Bowen's Tricks to Eliminating Arm Fat

Julie Bowen may play a married mom of three kids on the hit sitcom Modern Family — and she's a mother of three in real life! — but she looks anything but matronly.

In fact, the slim and trim star never fails to wow on the red carpet, in body-conscious dresses that show off her super-sculpted arms. Want to refine that often-troublesome area of your body, or just learn how a mom who works 16-hour days keeps fit? Read on for Julie's eating and fitness tips, then check out our exclusive report that's changed thousands of lives: The 50 Best Weight Loss Tips Ever!

She Runs

"A day without running is a crappy day," Bowen told Runner's World. Although she once was a competitive runner, today she has a much more flexible regimen, scheduling short bursts as time permits. She told Yahoo Beauty: "I was training for [a marathon], and then I got really injured, and then I decided, "I'm going to do what feels good, what gives me the high. So that means [my run] can be anything. Anything over a half-hour counts. And if I have time, I just go an hour. It's whatever I can fit in." Want to optimize this tried-and-true cardio practice that'll burn fat and let lean muscle shine through? Check out these expert-approved Best Tips for Running for Weight Loss!

She Eats Clean…

Bowen has made eating whole foods a priority for years. "I was always good, healthy eater," she says. "Nothing processed, nothing fried." Consistency is key —"I'm a bit of a boring creature of habit. I'm very consistent in eating pounds of kale."

… But She Gives Herself a Break Since Having Kids


Bowen told Runner's World: "I eat healthily, but I am just as apt to have a bowl of cereal for dinner as I am to have, like, chicken and a salad. And a lot depends on what my kids are eating and what I eat off of their plates. My default mode is that I eat pretty clean salads and chicken. It used to be salad, salad, salad, and now it's Dino Bites, peanut butter and jelly, and whatever. It's fine. Some of it's not bad!"

She Has a Delicious Go-to Dinner Recipe


"Chicken Marbella is an easy old-school recipe," Bowen told Health. "You take a lot of thighs and legs—delicious dark meat—and marinate it all day in a giant Ziploc bag with prunes, brown sugar, vinegar, olives, and bay leaves. Then pop it in the oven for 45 minutes. To a girl from Maryland, it's very sophisticated to have the sour tanginess of olives with the sweetness of prunes." Want more amazing ideas for a fat-burning, lean-muscle-building dinner? 35 Healthy Chicken Recipes for Weight Loss!

She Swims


Bowen often makes time for this full-body workout which particularly isolates the arms, and she has a trick to make the time fly by. She told Yahoo Beauty: "Swimming is great for your body. I also have a waterproof cover for my phone so I can listen to podcasts while I swim. It's a game-changer!" Swimming is just one of these easy 28 Ways to Get Skinny From Weight-Loss Experts!

She Treats Herself to Tequila


"I've recently discovered tequila, thanks to my friends who are north of 35," she told Health. "Good tequila makes you feel different. According to Doctor Google, my favorite doctor, it acts in your central nervous system in a different way [than other forms of alcohol]. If I have a glass of wine, and I'm a little bit tired, I'm ready to go to bed. But if I have a little tequila on the rocks, and I'm a little tired, I'm not more tired. I'm kind of thinking, maybe we should go do something…." Check out these 23 Surprising Healthy Benefits of Alcohol !

She Doesn't Chase Trendy Diets


"I can't say I've tried a lot of the fads. I'm not good at being hungry," Bowen told Shape.


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