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The Teas That Helped Khloé Kardashian Lose 40 Pounds

Khloé Kardashian chalks up her recent weight loss transformation to ditching dairy and hitting the gym with celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson. However, we're shedding light on something else that keeps the star slim: her collection of weight loss teas!

Here at Eat This, Not That!, we're huge fans of tea—and Khloé seems to love the stuff, too. In fact, she's got an entire drawer in her kitchen devoted to the stuff! Most of us don't even have a spare drawer—let alone enough teas to fill one. But celebs are lucky like that.

"Whenever anyone comes over, they ask if I have tea and when I open the drawer, everyone's like, 'OMG amazing!'" she writes on her blog, adding that her friends mostly enjoy the raspberry and peach picks.

Her impressive tea collection includes green, black, and herbal infusions from an array of different brands. She even has two rows of unlabeled bags, some of which are sleepy time teas that likely come in handy when the reality star is trying to catch up on that precious shuteye. (Skimping out on sleep is one of the 40 Bad Habits That Give You Belly Fat so stocking up on a soothing tea is a smart move).

To help you banish belly fat and stay slim, we've rounded up Khloé's most potent go-to tea picks. Be sure to add one or two to your daily diet to reap the benefits!

Green Teas

Most of Khloé's collection includes different variations of green tea. She has something for every palette and every type of craving. She's got Bentley's blueberry green tea, Oriental Treasure green tea, pomegranate-infused green Tea, and Numi's jasmine green tea. And if we had to guess, we'd bet her affection toward green tea played a role in her impressive 40-pound weight loss. Green tea is notorious for its near-magical antioxidant compounds called catechins, which boosts the liver's fat-burning ability, release fat cells from the tummy, and boost metabolism.

Khloé enjoys a chilled glass of the green stuff before a workout for a burst of energy—which is a totally smart move. Research shows that sipping EGCG (a type of catechin) before and after a workout can increase fat burn by 17 percent. And get this: one study revealed that participants who sipped on 4 to 5 cups of green tea a day, in addition to exercising for 25 minutes, dropped two more pounds than the tea-skipping exercisers!

Black Teas

Stress is one of the key causes of weight gain, mainly because it ups the production of glucocorticoids, the hormone responsible for increasing fat stores and cravings for indulgent treats. Thankfully, sipping black tea is a calorie-free way to unwind. A study in the journal Psychopharmacology discovered that black tea drinkers had lower levels of stress and were able to unwind quicker than the participants who didn't drink the black brew. Additionally, an Italian study found that drinking a cup of black tea daily can improve cardiovascular function, which can help you finish off that next 10K strong and even extend your life! Khloé stocks up on black teas like Bigelow English Teatime to unwind and fight fat. For even more ways to relax after a hair-pulling situation, check out these 10 Ways to Destress So Healthy Eating Works.

Herbal Teas

Khloé devotes three rows of her tea collection to herbal varieties like chamomile, so it's safe to say that she's a big fan. A German study revealed that chamomile tea considerably improved symptoms associated with sleep deprivation and reduced levels of depression in chronically sleep-deprived participants. And contrary to its bedtime-only reputation, another study found that this tea improved daytime wakefulness. (We know what we'll we waking up tomorrow!) "Koko" also keeps the Yogi Healthy Fasting detox tea on hand, which blends detoxifying dandelion, inflammation-fighting and immune system-bolstering licorice, and appetite-suppressing fennel.


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