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This Beloved Grocery Chain Is Cutting the Prices Of More Than 100 Items

Ready for some good supermarket news for a change?

As inflation causes food prices to soar across the country and compels shoppers to cut back on staples like meat and dairy, one supermarket chain is cutting costs for its customers. Some of the savings are as high as $1 per item, which may not sound like a lot, but certainly adds up at the checkout. The chain is slashing prices on everything from frozen pizza to tea to lobster cakes, according to Supermarket News, meaning you'll save big no matter what you're in the market for.

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Lidl, an Arlington, Va.-based supermarket chain with more than 170 stores in nine states including Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Washington D.C., is planning to decrease prices on more than 100 everyday items beginning September 28. The price cuts, which mirror a similar program the grocer rolled out in June, will run through the fall and discounted items will rotate throughout the season. The store hopes that in doing so, it'll draw in more shoppers and help offset rising prices.

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A sample of the discounted items range in cost from $1.29 to $6.75, and showed savings between 20 cents and $1.04, according to Supermarket News. Price cuts ranged from 10% all the way up to 23%, with the average being about 11%.

"We recognize that inflation and rising food prices are impacting many families, and we hope to give more relief through this fall price-cutting campaign," said Stefan Schwarz, chief product officer and executive vice president of purchasing at Lidl U.S. "We are committed to offering all of our customers the best value in our stores every day, and we continue to invest in additional ways for customers to save money when we know it matters most."

Lidl is known for providing shoppers with everything they may need or want at a lower price than its competitors. Whether you're on the hunt for luxury items, or are stocking your pantry with staples, you can save big at Lidl. Following the recent price decrease, wheat biscuits will ring up for $1.29—a 20 cents savings, which could be the difference between getting something and going without for some shoppers. Stone Oven Pizza Margherita now retails for $4.45, which makes for a $1.04 overall savings. Other discounted items include lobster cakes, dessert bars, coffee, shrimp risotto, cold-pressed juice, breads, and more. Lidl's savings campaign comes after the Consumer Price Index revealed that grocery store prices were up 13.5% year-over-year.

Lidl isn't the only chain trying to save customers cash right now. In fact, the grocery chain came in sixth place in a ranking of the top grocery retailers with the best prices conducted by Dunnhumby, a consumer data company. Market Basket, Aldi, WinCo Foods, Grocery Outlet, and Save A Lot were also featured, coming in just in front of Lidl, according to the findings.

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