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McCormick Just Issued Its 'Flavor Of the Year' Forecast For 2024

Get your palates ready!

By now, you probably know that Taylor Swift is "Person of the Year". But do you have an idea of what the Flavor of the Year will be for 2024? According to McCormick, there will be a sweet and tangy spice hitting our palates in a big way next year and that spice is tamarind.

The company just published its 24th edition of the Flavor Forecast, which reports on the culinary trends that influence the way we prepare and eat food. And tamarind, which is native to Africa, India, and the Middle East, has been named the #1 most influential spice for next year. Tamarind has an acidic, tangy-sweet flavor that can also be found in Latin, Caribbean, and Mexican cuisines. Think curries, aguas frescas, and even Pad Thai. It's a versatile fruit that, in powdered form, lends a big burst of flavor to popular dishes.

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McCormick's other flavor trend predictions for 2024 include a spotlight on sour flavors including coconut vinegar, which can open up senses and "cook" food without heat. We'll also see a trend toward the "newstalgic," says the company, which means playing with childhood flavor favorites, but with a gourmet twist.

And to honor 2024 as the year of tamarind, McCormick is launching a new Tamarind & Pasilla Chile Seasoning, available for purchase online.

McCormick Tamarind & Pasilla Chile Seasoning
McCormick & Company, Inc.

Starting in February, The Flavor of the Year will also be featured in several limited-edition, Tamarind-infused menu items at the popular burger joint Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer. Foodies can have fun trying the spice in inventive ways while enjoying classic favorites like burgers and fries.

"This year, we're thrilled for people to experience the taste, versatility and tang of Tamarind," said Hadar Cohen Aviram, Executive Chef and Senior Manager, Culinary Development, US Consumer at McCormick. "It is the perfect ingredient to incorporate in savory and sweet dishes which is evident through the creative, flavorful, limited-time dishes we are proudly co-developing with Black Tap."

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Black Tap menu items featuring tamarind will include a chicken burger, fries, and even a milkshake that intriguingly incorporates the seasoning.

"We love to tap different regional influences for our recipes – Tamarind inspired us to borrow flavors from Southeast Asia, the Iberian Peninsula, and Latin America for this exciting collaboration," said Stephen Parker, Corporate Executive Chef at Black Tap in the press release. "We look forward to inviting everyone into our restaurants to experience these new creations this February."

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