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McDonald's Shows Fans Its Rarest, Weirdest Memorabilia Ever—Including Every Happy Meal Toy Ever Produced

Go behind the scenes for a glimpse of the history of the Golden Arches on TikTok.

If you aren't following McDonald's on TikTok, it's time to start, because Mickey D's videos just started leaning heavily into weird memorabilia and nostalgia, and if you grew up with the Golden Arches, you're going to love them.

This week the videos showed off some of the oddest memorabilia in one of its offices, including a bunch of mascot trinkets, old fan-favorite food containers, more Ronald McDonald gear than anyone ever needed, and an entire wall dedicated to Happy Meals.

Here's a look back into the long history of McDonald's beloved characters, an iconic menu item, and long-gone food flops.

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Old mascots and fan-favorite items

The latest TikTok featured the original Ronald McDonald outfit, plenty of bobbleheads, an actual Birdie mascot head, and rows and rows of Ronald McDonald dolls (So many even a clown admirer might be a bit frightened). They also displayed a couple of wrappers and boxes of discontinued McDonald's favorites including the McPizza and Fried Chicken, to the delight of many fans.

"McDonald's, you sold pizza?" one person commented. Another fan was just simply awed by the nostalgia factor. "Cool, LOL, so many memories," she wrote.

So much Ronald McDonald memorabilia

Another was dedicated solely to the big lovable clown mascot, with a Ronald clock, tiny Ronald, Ronald glasses, and more. Clown phobics tread lightly.

Happy Meal wall


The McDonald's TikTok page also showed off an amazing Happy Meal wall that's permanently on display in the corporate offices. The consensus is that the Happy Meals of yore offered much cooler toys than they do today. Some of the amazing toys of years past included stuffed Ronald plushies, plastic fries, and Barbie dolls at the fast food counter.

"Too bad the toys nowadays are so disappointing," one fan commented. Another fan agreed, writing, "Bring back better toys."


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