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McDonald's Report Reveals the #1 Most-Ordered Item in 2022—& It Isn't a Burger

The results of the McDonald's 2022 FANual report are here.

If you've ever wondered what your fast-food order says about you, McDonald's has you covered. The mega-famous fast-food chain has just released its 2022 FANual report, and the drool-worthy results help you discover your McDonald's personality as well as reveal which items were the most ordered by McD's customers across the country.

The company's findings also include a whole host of delicious details, like the facts that Hawaiians ordered through the app most of all states, McD's fans in NYC ordered the most late-night meals, and Alaskans ordered the most McFlurries—even in the dead of winter.

Here are the top three menu items McDonald's fans couldn't get enough of in 2022, and surprise, the number one most purchased item isn't a burger.

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Coming in third is the quintessential McDonald's chicken sandwich, the McChicken, which debuted on the menu in 1980. It's an easy option for folks who aren't in the mood for a burger, but who also need more than McNuggets can provide.


mcdonalds cheeseburger on white background

There's just something about the way McDonald's makes its cheeseburgers that keeps us coming back for more. This classic fast-food sandwich was the second-most ordered item from McDonald's this past year.

French Fries

mcdonalds kids fries
Courtesy of McDonald's

It should come as no surprise that McDonald's perfectly golden fries were the most-ordered item in 2022. Aside from the fact that they typically rank high on every "Best Fast-Food Fries" list, Americans love McDonald's fries because they go great with everything—even frozen treats.  Turns out a side of fries was the most-ordered item customers added when they picked up a McFlurry.

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Most Repeat Orders: Big Macs and McNuggets

mcdonalds mcnuggets
Courtesy of McDonald's

While they didn't rank in the top three, users kept Big Macs and McNuggets close to their fast-food-loving hearts, with some users ordering these items over 100+ times in one year!

Will McDonald's see more of you in 2023? With new drive-thru options and menu items on the horizon, this could be your best McYear yet.

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